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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Wanna bet?
Oh, I was so excited when I saw wanna bet :P
Then went to last page
funny, enermy defeated but my dark sibyls cast chastise @@

Dark sibyls deal 63 damage to Patriarchs. 1 perish.
Dark sibyls are bursting for more action!
*EMBRIRAMVS* is defeated.
Dark sibyls cast Chastise on Ladons for 5 turns.
noobie again
just loving the event
for Meshy:
sure you wanna ?

I got this guy...
Wow Meteorite Shard costs 2700 now ?
for Meshy:
that's just 1 game

if i am correct, my losing streak consists of
afk tribal,afk barb ,2 noobie charmer elves with 0 luck ,2 elves with phantom ability,Caster Delf who doesn't know to defend,etc etc
The 4 luck of my troops is worse than everything
I almost never get a luck hit on my first turn (got it maybe once)with any troop
being a dwarf first turn luck is crucial
I trigger luck only when a small stack takes retaliation from my stupid troops
Sometimes no luck even with 2xhits & retribution
I have made mistakes but my bad luck out weighs everything
bad luck with troops,teammates etc :(
nothing like complaining about bad luck :p
Speaking of... I had a dwarf partner (twice) who didn't know how to use his fsl 9 rune... not using it at one point literally cost us the game.
I had a dwarf partner with 3 spell power & 2 knowledge
& he didn't cast a single spell
that is 5 points wasted
for virtual_vitrea:
really need a tissue box over here :( :(

If you guys have some tips for my games
like I am doing something wrong etc..
please let me know
Looking at your char... definitely lack of donation arts is an issue.
You could also try having basic defensive talent
Rushing with bears isn't a good idea either
ok, i think this beats everything today
my partner just inspired my patriarchs with hypnosis
had no one standing near it :P
having basic defensive talent
luck is not working out, i will try it
Rushing with bears isn't a good idea either
elaborate this
I saw your last battle, you used agility rune with bear and rushed right to the enemy, and then your bears got rushed. :P
Whats your current score?

My most recent partner.

Try and find a person with guilds worse than that, at that level.
for Meshy:
i think you meant the battle with the elf
i don't do that normally
40 anch just in the open so i went for it
& I almost killed the elf all alone while helping my higher level partner
who got crushed by the dwarf later on
couldn't do much there
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