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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Terrorist attack in Barcelona (Northeast of Spain). Facepalm ...
Attention !
Wish me
Come on Jon Snow make my bday special :P
Which is tomorrow btw :P
Happy birthday in advance :)
a dragon turns beyond the wall
what you guys talkin about.. :O
Thank You :)
a dragon turns beyond the wall

I freaking read that before watching :/
Please don't write such things @.@
I didn't knew the episode was out early again..
you know i realized that would happen when i saw the dragon falling to the ground. It was too obvious when they left it and escaped.
Yeah knowing at that point is obvious.. but it was like from the beginning I was fearing which dragon will be turned..
the episode was leaked 3 days ago
Yeah I didn't knew..
didn't know. Can't say you knew the grammar having made the same mistake twice :p
hoping episode 7 to get leaked too :x
Yeah, but for those who really liked them dragons, watching them die so easily will a disappointment :p

I mean, the undead guy just killed a dragon with a spear in his first attempt.
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