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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Come on already
patience, boy.
Dragon ate Danerys xD
blue dragonfire looks so cool..
LOL the irony, just when its said that he is her nephew, theyr'e in bed together xD
yup, nephew on top of his aunt :p

Anyway, we have seen bran grow from really young age so without more details this spoiler sounds iffy or a sign of bad writing. Will know more about it i guess.

Well bran is the main character I guess, like you know how he's responsible of creating time loop for Hodor speaking only 'Hodor', same things goes with Night King ;)

I guess we have to wait 2 years for it now :(
he didn't create it, he was envisioning it.. at least that's what i remember :p
If I know it correctly, he went to past while being on that night where hodor died at present. Hodor wanted to say hold the door at present time, while since bran was interfering in past, hodor ended up saying in past and resulted in 'hodor' hodor :P
Well its complicated stuff though :P
So that way he created 'Hodor', who was destined for that one night where he saved bran from holding the door.

Same story of bran the past is somehow connected to night king, i didn't know it exactly.. but for sure will not give any more spoilers :P it sucks to get it , i know xD
At least we know Bran has to die in the end..
Anyways my favourite moment was the blue dragon and the charges on Lord Baelish.
Momemts were* :P
I make a lot of mistakes anyways, just noticed this one :P
At least we know Bran has to die in the end..

Why Bran? If anybody, Sansa should die.. add to that Jon snow and Dany too :p
Valar morghulis!
they need to make an anime on GOT. Could be more epic tbh.
I meant, based on the books not the series.
guys pls.. anything else other than got..
I'm sick of hearing it everywhere -.-
for siddi1111:
okay then, what do you have to say about this:
first lemme take
Five thousand & two hundred.
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