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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Well it's worse than elf or de but the difficulty factor accounts for it. Your % win should be about the same as de or elf.
It requires a lot more thinking, probably why i struggle...
DE is not good at hunting.
for Calamity:
He was talking about tg.

DE is very good against some enemies though, like zombies. Anything slow and melee basically.
DE rules at TG. :D
Yep, DE's are ok with slow melee units for some time.
Just saw this on the newspaper from 3 .com guys who did well in the crystal event back in July. Thought it was a shame that it only had like 64 views, I cannot remember anyone pointing out it was there, so thought I would here

I was talking about TG..?
for Meshy:
Oh lol idk why I thought you said tg xD
for Meshy:
tribal is absolutely good at hunting, in the top 5 list overall.
5th out of 9 factions won't be great. :P

What's the order?


barb is definitely better than tribal. Both classic and fury.
elf de nec wiz tribal this is my top 5 list.
elf de strong in every hand as we know.
dark+nature magic makes necro very good at many extreme hunts, but with brainless regular build they are not that good.
wiz is very good at handling some nasty thing other factions dislike.
tribal is quite good vs small creatures which most factions dislike.
Strange why you don't add holy knights at top5..

If I got to rate, then Elf, Holy knights, DE, Wiz, Necro.. rest all pretty much sucks more or less. But definitely dwarfs the worst :|
I still believe DE is not that good for hunt, it sure is grate in low easy hunts but not for later hunts.
for Ingenious:
holy knight, as well as barbarian, are those who cannot improve their hunting performance by trick or skill very much, they have simply nearly one build only, and you only can and need to pray for luck or moral. this means, the lower bound and upper bound are very near for those factions.
on the other hand, necro, maybe considered as "weak" in hunting by many people, can do many astonishing extremely hunting via special skills, they have various of builds managing different situations, which make the upper bound quite higher than their lower bound.
for Calamity:
de is definitely one of the best choice for extremely hunts, they are only weak(except those creatures hard for nearly every faction) before fire shields.
fire shields

This is a traumatic experience. :)
Yeah agreed!
Also necro if not best, can be one of the bests against large creatures.. splitting appas, and blocking skells with chance of getting 2 misses can be amazing indeed.
for Calamity:
Again, depends on which type of hunt. For example even elf isn't great against fast shooters. DE is great against some types of enemies.

for Meshy:
I think the ranking will change based on arts. Do you mean low arts or high arts?
Tribal is actually better at hunts than most people think.
Most factions can be good at some particular hunt

except dwarves they bad at them all
for randomr1:
I know that, they are superb in some types.
I talk in general they are in no way as good as elves, and if they are in the top 5 for me they are the 5.
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