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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Im Back !!!
Welcome :P
Welcome back!
hey, yea.. long time no see :P How is everyone ? :D
great, you?
well, im great.
Last i played 2015-08-01
sence that, we have moved to Nederlands, now its about year that we live here.
All is great.. well, the only thing is, get better work for us. But rest is good.
Recently was wondering, to return in game, and have fun :)
Wow Netherlands is a wonderful place! ^^
yea.. i love this country too :)
Nice place
Joined the wrong MC for that. :P
why wrong lol ?

this MC have funny face :D its promising... xD
true friends always help no matter what :)
Right and wrong are relative, so what one considers wrong must not be definitively wrong. If someone considers joining a clan right they want to, that's the right choice for them ^^
About true friends i agree, it shud be like that..
the only thing i dont have true friends :D

About MC, its husbands brotheres clan(not yet, but working on that).. he have idea, maybe after some time will build it up.

whats for choice of MC, must say Angels and Deamons clan, is Lordswm, one of oldest, and prestige clans. Players like me basicly are not welcomed... in my understanding..
couse we/me usualy broke -.- /gambling habit/
so cant give all benifit as loyal member ( battles for guild, etc)
I meant the one with the cats icon because cats are cute. :)
ouh, silly me.. missunderstud you :D

ye, i have 2 cats lol :D
So people, why so quete here?

no intresting topics to spam about?

Shake it people.. :P
Soon Pumkin event starts right?
Yeah in 4 days
I almost forgot about it, thanks for reminding :P
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