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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Yea, i cant wait too.. atliest some fun :P

And after that next will be x-mas time !!! wipiiii
And probably ALt dwarf event followed by Halloween event, and then Christams/New year event.
Also probably new campaign and one FFA event.

So lots of events in upcoming 2 months! ;)
Wow.. thats nice..
A lot of events.. :P
I doubt alt dwarf will come before Halloween, since PoT is Sunday last day and Halloween is Tuesday.
I just was wondering...

I belive there is smart programmers, etc, include game programers it self, in game!

So, why dont game or someone dont make some Addon for browser with all scrypts what works with game, also with aditional menu, to turn on or off scrypts want to use or dont. Like timers, market, cost per battle, enchance, modern exp stat bar, and many more scrypts. I think its useful. Also make game more modern.
This game running for many years now.. and it have growth a lot.
But if not game, then as plugin for browser Witch load scrypts, and with on/off option.

what you think?
I meant alt dwarf event, after halloween, obviously ;)
No please! I am busy canít finish all pot battle. If alt dwarf come next early of month, I cannot enjoy the event :(
Well i think it will come in early December, because as told by Maxim.. there will be 1 FFA event too, which is yet to happen.
So I guess, FFA event next month, then alt dwarf next month.
ffa event is likely to be the dwarf event
I don't really care much about the enchant allowed alt dwarf main event. I'm more interested in the large amount of free gold from the insight tourney.
Hopefully you don't just miss out this time :)
Its a right timing for me to get TG5.. now i really hope FFA event comes soon ;) will be TG5 in 2-3 days i guess
i cant wait till my TG5 :)
for Ingenious: lucky you, you are werry close to it :P
I did a hunt of 76 Hyenas, and I got Silver Achievement.
Lol XD
Im seeing A LOT of Classic Necros in CG picking Infecting Zombies sacrificing Apparitions lately.
Interesting approach/View, but Idk.
Hopefully you don't just miss out this time :)
Nah I haven't missed any insight so far if I knew there's an insight ^^

But tbh even more than gold just trying out a new faction is fun. Plus I like ST, insights might be one of my favourite events/tournaments at this point.
FFA Tourney you speak of...
That where you dont know who is the real other one, out of 5 opponents?

I have read something like that, in About the Game section.
FFA means free for all, means non-shop artifacts and enchants are allowed.
I think they added new auto button for TG victim players.. I faced a player who did 'Auto' from beginning of battle.. and he wasn't wearing mirror.
Yes, I saw that too, Idk if its new though.

Having a hard time trying to sell Pirate and Heavy Leader Event Items in Market Btw ;(
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