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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Thanks for the unnecessary ban Meshy, good of you to blacklist when I asked about it also.

I found a nice relatable video

Brilliant video, love it!

I especially love how angry people get over it :D
Ngl i thought you would get banned for posting external links or something.
External links are fine a long as they are not harmful or breaking the rules, for example a youtube link designed to start a political argument would be against the rules
I vaguely remember a certain mod before you banning people for youtube links cuz they have a view counter, apparently those are forbidden. Maybe they changed the rules idk. But as far as I remember its is perfectly valid to ban people for posting youtube links :3 *winks and nudges towards acean
Yep wouldn't surprise me, almost anything is a bannable offence around here depending on the alignment of the planets. We wonder why there are only 30 guys who use the .com forum now and why the community has declined so much. Player numbers have obviously declined but we don't help ourselves.
2.11. SHL (spreading harmful links) is forbidden. SHL means giving reference through any of the game media to sites containing any of the following:
-viruses (including screamers);
-black markets, bots, "cheats" etc. for LordsWM;
-materials of indecent or insulting content;
-other online games or their advertising;
-options of earnings through the Internet;
-polls on subjects not concerning the game;

-counters of visits (clicks), unless they are related to the game;
-a request to enter one's character's password.
Yeah it does seem like a pretty extreme offence. Kind of surprised the police haven't come round yet.
long time since I was banned.. :O
after a couple of bans, I was at a point where I knew the game rules better than my country's laws
I guess...there should be a neutral body that can check moderators too. Recently forum moderation has been just so awesome that many people just stopped posting on forum. We see people getting banned because of some stupid reasons. I have even witnessed moderator provoking fights sometimes.
What I mean is every person has his/her self respect, and that should be taken care of too.

Anyways...it's post number 11290 :P
I think Meshy warned before banning in the black friday thread. It's not like it came out of the blue and it was in dire need of moderation. If threads like that were more common, that would be people like me simply not reading the forum.
for Marquis Thornwald:
I hope you know what Acean wrote before Meshy banned him. If yes, and you still think banning Acean was obligatory then I don't think we should discuss it here too.
Cheers :)
"If you disagree with me don't talk with me." Sure. I could argue but definately won't bother.
Has anyone of you seen the movie 'Back to the Future'? It's first part was released in 1985. That movie has too much if you look at it with respect to 1985. Though movies having similar stories are quite common these days.
the imp thing is
I am
going to get 11300 after posting a day later :)
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