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for Marquis Thornwald:

When I walk in the garden I walk on the top of it, I do not bury my feet through the soil in search of underground cat faeces!

Dogs poo on top of the ground - you have to clear that up yourself
Cats dig a hole, poo in it, then cover it up again. By nature much cleaner animals.

Granted once when I was a kid my dad had some sand left over in the back of the garden left over from making some cement or some such.

Every so often we would play in this to build sandcastles etc.

Sometimes while doing this you would come across bits of sand which were, well just not quite the right colour or texture. I never really knew why, and dinlt think too much of it, nor tell my parents.

Of course now I know what it was.

Our sandpit at home has a cover over it at all times other than when my kids are playing in it to avoid that particular type of surprise.
I live in an apartment. Its big but there is no porch/garden obviously on the fourth floor. There are many dog and cat owners in this building, but i am certain keeping them in an apartment has more cons than pros if you can't handle stinky shit :P
stinky shit

A good clumping sand and a closed litter box solves this.
The AI royal griffins jumped on clerics instead of bows
I don't like smart AI
I feel too lazy to think about my moves against an AI
Please gimme stupid move making AI back
for uio:
That word brings bad memories to me, I wish you wouldn't use it so lightly.
for Niranjan:
Was it one stack of griffins? If there are multiple stacks of AI griffin, its normal for them to dive on clerics and xbows both. I have seen it happen when i hunted them which feels like ages ago.
for Lord MilesTeg:


Go read it again and tell me if you think differently :P
Wow you dug that one out from the past, I wrote that 4 years ago!

I think to be fair I still mostly agree with what I said, I considered the future in what I wrote. As such this part seems to be where we are at "With more campaigns and time the number on AG1 will rise, though equally so will the ability to get AG1 without having to go out of your main, or posssibly with 2 fully built castles and a skill potion."

The introduction of this guild has forced people to develop this guild to a certain extent since to stay competitive, and increased the gap between the 'best' (statistically speaking in terms of character development. This is now fairly easy, with many on AG1 fairly readily. OF course, if you have done this it is now a 2 stat gap to the AG3 people, and 3 to those that revile the guild.

The thing is, this game is built on stat development. By introducing different features to provide some variety there will inevitably be this consequence.

What is the 'right' balance is highly subjective.

As such I partly agree with my former self, though the impact has become larger. It is equally however much easier to get AG points than it was previously (balancing reasons, more factions, days with free potion of skill for a faction or full recruitment of an army means cheaper ways of accessing if you can play on the relevant day).
for virtual_vitrea:
No, just one stack of 25 I think

I have seen multiple stacks jump on different targets
It used to be like that
but the main/one stack would always jump on xbows
I wrote that 4 years ago!

I think to be fair I still mostly agree with what I said

something I could never say

In my case, there is always regret :O
Frankly, AG is definately not a guild that feels grindy to me.

Aminitis is pretty boring as it features lots of repetitive uninspired zombies/skeletons hunt type battles. Other than that it's varied in setup even more than WG (ambushes, being ambushed, castle fights, fighting with extra units or AI, features unusual ennemies,...) and only requires the player to beat them once per alt faction to get the best out of it. It's also done smartly enough to force some planning and rethinking strategy (though amnitis is overall boring the shrews, harpies and the last battles are quite entertaining as they require unique strategies). It also does away with needless randomness, ie. go in a wizard battle, get chaos resistance just to find out it's holy classic wiz... You're only surprised in your first campaign and then you can safely plan ahead.

If I compare it to say WG which is do the same battles again and again with the same faction. Or MG which is about doing tens of times the same battle but slightly harder. Or the fact that there is no timer or daily limits. I'd say AG is my favourite PvE guild overall by a fair margin.
Time to play the event :D
oh.. it's actually not an event.. tourney..
I wasted 500 gold on that event.. yuck :(
for Niranjan:
Pirate raids is an event though and the tourney is free? What did you waste it on? :D Leader's guild one? :D
for Lord MilesTeg:
I see. But you have to think from my perspective since the issue as I told you was that it will not be a trivial factor for pvp. I know what you are saying, but still you cannot simply argue anymore that players who enjoy pvp can forego it completely.

I wasn't digging that thread, it somehow came to me when i was using search function to find something else on forums.

Now you and me are AG1, we frequently face people who are AG2 or AG3 in pvp. Its not a huge deal really, but compared to AG0 it wouldn't be exactly irrelevant. Well i am somehow AG1 now, but i am hardly proud of it.. Somehow i despise that i put myself through having to play same kinds of battle with all the classes even though it felt like the lamest assignment to get the point. I barely play this game anymore pve or pvp. But reading the forums once in a while is interesting.
you cannot simply argue anymore that players who enjoy pvp can forego it completely.

I didn't think I was The introduction of this guild has forced people to develop this guild to a certain extent since to stay competitive

The thing is it is not for me to judge where the line should be drawn. Let's take a historical perspective. When this game first came out(or at least when I joined, which was not a huge time away from the start) there was laborers guild, hunters guild and mercenary guild. These represent the basic start point and opportunities for start development. I do not think anyone can have a particularly valid point arguing against these.

Later came commanders guild. This added a better pvp matchmaking with a modest stat gain, though it does become significant later in.

Rangers guild was added, no negative here, just a bypass for thieves with a less good bonus

Then came watchers guild, this often has more of a stat increase than any of the other later introduced guild, the cg can technically be higher I think(though normally isn't)

Then came adventurers guild, with more stats, though lower than any of the others

Next came leaders guild, which had they least stat impact, though since some clan events use it exclusively, it has a pervasive impact on a different way.

It may be that AG was the straw to break the camels back, but none is these guilds act in isolation.

One precept of how this game was built was on character development. These folks get increasingly harder to achieve, and therefore hit a point when you just cannot be bothered trying for them. As such I can see why the devs have intrusive a wider range of opportunities to pick up guild points, or different ones to get.

Do I personally like all of them. No. Should the game be designed after my personal circumstances and desires. No. Does it have to Mey a range of needs to survive. Yes.

As such to me it is just part and parcel of everything and I have the choice to take it or leave it
Sorry, typed this on my phone, and there are various replacements my phone decided was wise which I missed as I typed. Hopefully you can infer what I meant well enough.
Pirate raids is an event though
500 for that informer guy
playing the event super cheaply :D

Victories / Combats: 62 / 66

Silver available: 1,158
Silver gained: 30,136
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