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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
I predict 24 to come soon
forgot to check :P
too busy :(
this event is kicking my....
Hate being a slow knight some times
& I thought I would finish 50 battles in a day :(
Today my fish Toby died.

He used to dash towards me when I got home from work so it was really sad to see him lying dead instead. Felt so much worse to remove his body from the tank T_T
My condolences on your loss
for virtual_vitrea:
I'm sorry to hear that :(
RIP toby
He was a well read fish, but was forever troubled by a deep question, which every time he saw you he craved for the answer, "Toby or not to be"

In the end while you decided he was Toby, he decided not to be.

With Deepest sympathies
Thanks guys. Today i feel better. I couldn't stop thinking about what went wrong. The day before I saw it was swimming erratically as it came to the surface of my tank to breathe then went back to its hiding in the cave. I cant help but wonder if moving to another tank could have saved him. Although I tested the water parameters yesterday and it came clear. Ammonia and NO2-/NO3- were much too low to be of any concern. Also the water temperature was 79F when i found him dead which is just right for a Betta splendens.

5 days ago i bought a new heater to replace my older one:

I found some grisly reviews posted by people that their fish got trapped and burned inside the protective frame.. I am thinking could it be that toby got stuck in there and got shocked but was able to come out.. hence the strange behavior i saw the previous night. Well there is no evidence to this really, but the timing of his death makes me suspect the heater.
@VV - My condolences, pets are like family members. Toby is in a good place now and watching you from a sea of tranquility.

I am curious what you used to feed Toby. Betta fish are not easy to care for. I had one who died prematurely and the vet suggested it might be because I was using fish food which did not contain a mix of insect larvae (which apparently is what this fish feeds on in the wild).

Also, if you do not mind, share a picture of your aquarium setup? How much enrichment do you have and in what form? Also, have you learnt any tips on which fish species tend to like being in the same tank? I have had two male fish constantly fight each other. Currently, my setup has a male betta, a female betta, a Cory catfish and 3 guppies.
omg watch this


too damn weird :D
for shubhamgoyal:
You cannot put two betta together. Bettas are highly territorial and two bettas together is the worst combination you can have in a tank. They will be constantly stressed protecting their territory and even try to kill each other. The right thing to do is to separate them or if you gotta have more than 1, then just put multiple females together (atleast 4-5) in a sorority if you have a large tank. Females are less aggressive in groups but even multiple females is an option i wont recommend unless you are a very experienced aquarist. The situation can go bad very fast in a sorority. Male and female is awful to have together too, females will nip male's fins. Betta is a pretty fish and it cannot stand if another fish is prettier than him/her. That's why people usually pick cories which are relatively dull looking and bottom dwelling. If you want Betta to be happy, any bright colored fish need to be avoided.

I fed mine aqueon pellets primarily.

I also gave it freeze-dried bloodworms of Omega One brand about 2-3 times a week. This is something my Toby would go crazy for but you gotta be careful with this food because it can increase ammonia too quickly which will be toxic to fish.

I have a 20 gallon tank with 5 corydoras and 1 mystery snail remaining. I also had 1 delta tail betta which passed away.
Ah man, sucks to hear about your fish vv. Condolences
I finally won level 33 :O
from a faction with 9 fsl and a class that I had never played before today
so, this event is not for classic knights :(
Which class have you never played?
Which class have you never played?
fire dwarf :D
Happy Diwali :)
CG after forever :)
Commanders' guild: 3 (974.55) +425.4
without gold.
just making a note :)
wow.. I feel super strong.. or maybe just weak opponents :O
oh, you do get excellent partners in CG
a battle wiz hero waiting his first turn(crucial) is just wow!
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