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new page after 11200
Just got to know an interesting fact about leap years

a century year not divisible by 400 is not a leap year :O
So, 1900 is not a leap year, then we skip it but 2000 is a leap year.
wasting time :(
crap! I was in a battle & I used auto without checking HP of the monster :(
I used auto
had no idea about such an event!
I also recommend: auto against wizard, auto as wizard, auto against unholy.
auto bots assemble?
f this auto.. I clicked it by mistake instead of runes
Hey how yall doing.
aa discord me bata de tujhe
free smith :)
clarify no que at smith :P
@vv - You take very good care of the fish. I have an automated setup for the feeds and do not even change them. I will become a better aquarium owner now. The husky has been taking up all the attention.
Oh i can't imagine having a dog. That would be too much work. With bigger tanks, unless you overstock, you don't have to do water changes very often. I just change 20-30% every 2 weeks.

I do take care though with periodic testing of water to ensure that it is safe for fish. I am very careful about not leaving them in poor water conditions because no living thing deserves that imo. Honestly this is the first time i have lost a fish within 5 months of getting it. I do think it was the heater that i replaced. But not entirely sure as there haven't been other deaths.
Oh i can't imagine having a dog Then you go for cat , all you need to do is give them food :)
Then you go for cat , all you need to do is give them food :)

You say that, but if your cat is any good it will feed itself. Of course this sounds like a good idea until you realise their eating habits.

I can assure you (though I do not expect it will take much convincing) that being woken up in the middle of the night, to the sound of a cat crunching through a mouse skull under your bed is not the most fun.

Certainly I love my cats, and it is just the circle of life, but keeping animals always has pros and cons.
I have to say the biggest disincentive for keeping dogs/cats is to have to clean the poop/urine. Even if they are trained, I am sure there is occasional mess they create. It might be a small issue for many, but I get disgusted way too easily.
Just wait till you have kids then :D
Depends upon where you live, I never have to clear that sort of if thing up for cats, they Bury it somewhere in the garden. Of course If you live somewhere without a garden, this won't be an option
That works, unless you like walking in your garden :)
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