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Is watchers guild worth playing?

So all I do is enrol and hunt.

So should I replace hunt with WG or play WG in between for fun?
do events... they are fun + good fsp/exp mostly
Sadly I'm lvl 3 only ;_;
get to level 5 first :D
for Igles:
in need

2012-08-14 10:44: Player was imposed a penalty of 1 gold. // Even after almost a year after being blocked to this day creating multichars with insultive nicknames and chanting racist slogans. Not to be unblocked. Ever.
2012-01-07 20:20: Player was imposed a penalty of 1 gold. // extrachars queen_Bitch [1], our_quuen [1], bitch_A [1], amandaaah [1], amanda_bitch [1]
2012-01-07 09:26: Player blocked. // continuous slander of administrative staff, insults.

Fun guy :)
I'm playing this game after like 3-4 years and there are so many new stuff happening around x_x

Btw this is a new account I created. Old one - Nah not in the mood of playing with it.

I used to be one of the active members back then.

But I don't think so anyone would remember my old id.
Or might be 2 years before I took a break.

But I missed this game.

Started playing in 2008 ._.
for Ur_end_is_here II:
I remember if ur old ID had no II
u should remember me as well :/
for Niranjan:
Ahh, I couldn't keep my old name so had to make a new one. Thought of calling myself like a king (like Philip II) :p

Well yes, I do remember. I never forgot oldies.
Is that shubham or saurubh. 50-50
yep that's it.
welcome back :D
for ProZyk:
Saurabh won't be coming back mostly. Job is all over him

And how do you remember my name :o I feel privileged rn xD
for Niranjan:
I'm glad to be back. But again grinding myself with enrolling and hunt
I just played random 4v4 just for fun knowing how bad the exp fsp ratio is.

And my god, my heart just hurts now.

2.2k exp and 4.2 fsp.

In that, I would have done 10 hunts and gained 10 fsp.

I so badly want to cry rn,
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