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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Lol. These ambushes am(b)use me :p
Are diamonds of any good? What can I buy with it?

I'm thinking of doing as many hunts and get 1 diamond in total :p
1 diamond is pretty useless unless you have the patience to slowly build up to 80 diamonds and get your TG invitation. Or was it 60 diamonds?
80 Diamonds
got 1 diamond from today =) quite profitable day
I give up on this diamond chase.
I got 2 last time... not even 1 today.. :(
Its so difficult man. 30 min when we pass. 20+ min when we hunt.

Its like I need to stick on my pc and be there every half an hour :(

Could not even get 1 :(
1.4 diamonds exchanged for 7,000 gold

the trick is to play before 8am server time when hunts are 50% faster and also HG 6 since you get 4 options.
Damm. It's just I was doing those 7 or 8 enrols then hunt.
you are camping way too hard imo.

Recipe for burnout and bowing out eventually.. because frankly it seems meaningless to put so much into a html game at some point. Of this I have seen too many examples.

This is camping.
I don't understand. his LG is so high, how does he only have 1 million?
Workholic penalty
for virtual_vitrea:
Not too hard. Just earning a bit of gold so that I can spend it on arts and stuff. TG? Idk yet
for Marquis Thornwald:
That's scary tbh. I hardly get 12 enrols a day.

Till lvl 5, I'm going to earn enough to play some tournaments and stuff (if I feel like of course)

I just joined lwm back cause I missed it :p
buying tg potion like candy :D
can't wait to play the next event
I will try to rush and get to lvl 5 soon.

Enrolling and hunting are boring.
Quite the silence here.
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