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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Almost earned 40K from Tavern. What a beautiful day.
Tavern day is great
although I keep forgetting to join on time today. Tournaments should be every 15 minutes imo.

By definition 50% of those enrolled for card tournament lose in the first 5 minutes and then have to wait 25.
True. Need more money!
But I hate this card game man. So much luck based it is! Even though we lay out everything perfectly we get the worst cards when we don't need them.
There is actually a reasonable amount of skill involved although primarily luck based. Your current win rate is 53.4% which means you're decent at playing the basic game. Learn all the cards their cost, openers, combos and counters and you will do quite well.

The very best players win 58-60% of the time which is statistically significant. They understand the cooldown mechanisms and track cards left in deck
If you don't know about golden card that is a must for tournaments. 50 gold per match to be dealt an extra card. Gives a significant edge and pays for itself.
Well 10% are the errors that we make in judgement. 50% would be our skills. And rest is luck.

I lost two finals because of my error. Others were shear luck.

But it's always fun to play card games. Free monkey
didn't make enough of card day today, kept forgetting to join.

Didn't we have day of the builder super recently?
I did but a of troops and stuff last time, like 4 factions, ain't doing it again.

Not a high price at my level
I did but a of troops and stuff last time, like 4 factions, ain't doing it again.

Idk why, but I wrote every bit of it in my sleep. RIP English and grammar.
It is not
The active bonus you get from the military clan, it is active only during clan battles right?
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