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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
New page new me
Same flood though
Almost dead
thinking to abandon barb main and build elf castle.

any suggestion- elf or dark elf?
or maybe dwarf or pharaoh :p
or maybe necro
build DE, its the most useful at and after cl 14, no faction even comes close, maybe charmer elf after level 17
The best faction is the one you aren't right now

Barb is nice
yes, I was good with barb till level 10. love the orc masters. But in duels, always gets casted with confusion/evasion and I sit and watch till they gets buffed and attack :p

Elf and DE always seemed great to me, but very much counterable till now. Thinking to build DE castle on next builder's day :p
Yo I just enrolled
In about an hour i'm probably going to do the same, anybody want to watch the livestream?
Man, that sounds so interesting!
- clicked map

- ungovernable steppe

- obsidian armour plant, final work slot!


-'You have successfully enrolled'


I'm sure my slaves are pleased being ordered to do another hour of backbreaking labour in the forge
If anybody doesn't know how to enrol here is a 16 minute! tutorial from 2012.

Enrolling is complex business

Quite the effort
Perseverance rover landing on mars in an hour, get hype
get hype

I get the technological prowess but I'm not sure what's so cool about that.
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