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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
They're flying an experimental helicopter on another planet, how could that not be cool?
Touchdown :)
What's new with landing bots in far away places?
Can I play this new event?
for Ur_end_is_here II:
Better to increase LeG level and get better troops before trying this event.
So to increase my LeG level, I need to play those AI fights to gain more levels right?

And should I use my common troops or uncommon ones?
I am no expert of LeG but better to use uncommons as they are recoverable + stacking common can be upgraded to uncommon.
Idk how to win!
I check the AI enemies, they are way stronger than me.

I'm too weak!
Avoid Leg events till you get more troops and rise your leg lvl, not much you can do with what you have now and using troops that can't resurrect will not help you to get there.
At lvl 11 and 14 you will get one ini stat as well.
I think you can clear upto 10 with help.. I am also stuck there :0
When is the valentines thing going to go away? Proudly reminding me I got 0 cards when I go on my character page.
*Taunts Acean with his innate appeal*
*Taunts Marquis with the following words*

They did it for the HG points and not for you :3
i quit
I wish I could
They did it for the HG points and not for you :3

Wut? Noooooo, it's impossible. Damn, don't tell me they're boys too, my life would be ruined ;-;

I know better, you're just jealous *flexes muscles*
don't tell me they're boys too, my life would be ruined ;-;

Well, I'm a guy too. So ..
*Ahem* No, sorry, I do not intend to marry you for the time being. Thanks for your application and I wish you good luck in your future search for a more mundane partner. Let it be known that it has touched me as much as the many previous ones I already declined.

Your favourite Marquis.
Well, who wants to marry when we can just be friends o_^

*And I'm not into guys ty*
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