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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
here I start page 588
btw, do we have a special day event everyday?
It's fun
watcher's guild also gives about 1-2k exp. Better way to level up?
But exp-fsp ratio is good.

Better way to level up?
I think so if you don't have TG.

But CG is also good, right?
indeed it is the best
It's is not a good way. It gives too much FSP hence you get pumped very quickly and gain high amounts of Exp in all battles without having huge number of supporting stats for that level. CG is only good till level 2 at lower levels (till level 13 maybe) and better when you are at high levels like 15-16.

But that's my opinion.
Help me with this new event.

At lvl 5 darkness talents are no no right?
Ah what talent to take at lvl 5?
Baisc erudition or basic nature ._.
Talent is fixed by the game. What you choose won't have an impact
This event is fun
was trying to do max difficulty with budget AP, got 9/10 possible wins :p
You can try more times. You have 15 chances in total. make it 10/11
nope.. i meant ran out of chances.. 9/15 wins.. 9/10 possible wins :p
I didn't know scoring was based on difficulty. I did 50-50

But I'm enjoying it
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