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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Gotta go fast
that was not bad!
At lvl 5, should I do MG, AG, hunt, LG, events everything that's possible?
yup. also WG
I forgot that army type MG quest are the difficult ones and my 1st MG quest is an Amry of DE and demons. I lost ;_;
Very badly
And I sense no hope
for Loafoant:
What about RG?
What does *+177 cnt.* in reserve mean?

It was beside the armament that I looted from the battle.
TG is always better. Those are the creatures you recruited.

Go to https://www.lordswm.com/leader_guild.php to view the creatures you have so far.
TG is going to be a hassle. Need to earn 500k right for TGI?

Okay so i need more to play LG
At lvl 5 you have a lot of questions...
These questions arise due to the lack of activity on lwm.

Avoid MG until lvl 7 unless you like stepping into impossible battles.

Okay so i need more to play LG

Don't pl
Don't play it until you have blue creatures*
If you get 3 star in WG then you get good exp to fsp ratio and I like it
What talent should I go on Pharoah (lvl 5).

Thinking of going offensive but idk much rn.
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