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This AG is not so easy though.
An invitation to one piece fans to join the immortal dynasty discord, we discuss every chapter there
Manga or Anime?
Manga obviously, the anime has terrible pacing
Well then I cannot be a part of it :(
join the immortal dynasty discord
is there a place to flood?
how is that different? aren't they both equivalent?

If you completed all elf campaigns at CL5 then you don't need to upgrade elf castle anymore?
for Marquis Thornwald:
it is different for each level
i can complete as a level 5 elf and then I can do it as a level 6 elf
You shouldn't confuse players looking for help. You get points just once so yes you can but it makes little sense.
I'm playing AG and one battle I'm stuck at.

There a wierd ghost of 200 hp and just kills my troops like that only. 120 dmg is too much. I might be wrong wrt to troop placement but still difficult
Ghost always come from top right and is not very fast, setup at the other edge, avoid him as long as you can while killing the rest then focus with all your troops on him.

If you beat the castle fight first (keep moving up first then go back to the initial castle) you will also get +4 def in the remaining battles.
Ghost always come from top left*
Yeah. I have to position myself much better. never thought it's gonna be difficult.
I give up man. This AG is too much. AI get more luck and morale, I'm so done lol
You don't do AG in shop arts. At CL5 you can get easily get +10 stats than shop for cheap. At your CL it's harder, only some of the rarest set can be used.

You also don't do AG in a CL with DU when you don't have the DU yourself.

That saves most of the pain in AG IMO.
How do I know which artefact for which level?
for Ur_end_is_here II:
Use this, it has lot of arts available in game and level filter using which you can check different combinations

for Murali:
Thx for this. But being in Russian, the translation kind of makes me harder to understand.
Should I get my artefacts repaired?
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