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When you get to a higher combat level, you will wish you had a ratio as good as that!
When you will be 90, you will wish you were as young as 75!
Are we ever satisfied with what we have?
What is tactic leaders contest?
Leader guild tournament. You need troops to compete, unfortunately you don't have any.
So basically what do we do in it?
Other than killing things? :)
Is there a battle preview you can share?
for Marquis Thornwald:
Saw your own match. Got an idea
Wathever you saw, it's not what you think that it was. It's a PvP tournament with custom troops selection.
Okay, so we have our custom troops and we fight against other player.

Sounds fun.
Until you find out that you stand no chance because you have to grind troops for years to compete with people that have been grinding troops for years because there is no matching per CL.
All our deeds do go in with us.
Our deeds do affect people who are out.
Did the interface change?
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