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For shop arts, mostly no, it's cheaper to buy new ones. IIRC if you find say a 40% smith which charges 40% of the repair cost you will save a tiny bit. You do have rare, higher durability artifacts that are cheaper to repair than usual standrt shop artiacts. Of course you will still have to buy it pricey compared to a lower durability shop artifact.

Now if you talk about rare artifacts, it all depends on the cost per battle you are willing to invest on it.


The first time you repair that sword it will have 160 gold cost per battle.


That one with 70 durability would have a 253 gold cost per battle.

If you want the best sword, not much room for choice. If you want a balance beetween cheaper and best, I think a good way is to compare the cost of extra stats with shop arts.

Sword of retribution has 64 cost per battle.

The light leader sword offers 3 extra stats, 2% ini and 8% melee damage. I will bundle the 2% ini and 8% melee into two stats (8% melee should be close to 2 ATK give or take). So overall you pay an extra 95 gold per battle for 5 extra stats, which is 19 gold per battle per extra parameter, this is even better than the shop sword with 21.3.

Now the light worldwalker has one less ini and one more stat than the light leader, bundling the % melee into it I will consider it gives 6 extra stats for a cost of 189 gold per battle, that's 31.5 gold per extra parameter, so 50% worse price-quality ratio.
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No, they should have waited till you got FSL 11 in all factions
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