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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
here I start a new page
Here i rebuke you for starting a new page
Mostly in India though ;)

I heard they are also in America :)
DE cannot get good talents at lvl 6.

Or is it for all?

Talents are so costly, that I can get only 1 good one!
American DE
For Tribal supremacy, tribal spirit received does not depend on SP, right?
haven't done ranger's guild. bought abu bakir charm and thinking to do ranger's guild. can anyone tell are those hard or min AP would work?
Rangers guild is the free version of TG, right?

According to that, min AP will do?
just had a fight.. seems not :p
btw what is best use of gold.. build all faction castle and raise faction resistance?
build all faction castle and raise faction resistance

That is quite important I suppose.

If you have loads of money, get estate or else you can get resources and enchant a few artefacts and rent it.
how much money it costs for estate?
#106981836 - Estates #1539

Peaceful Camp [i]
Buy now! 4,141,000
I think so we should just remove the idea of getting an estate.

Better buy shares?
The best ways to spend money IMO would be -
1. Building factions you enjoy the most.
2. Get a TGI, always better than ranger's guild. Invest enough time and you get your cost back at TG 5.

Building as a smith, buying estates, and stuff like that does not interest me personally. If you have lots and lots of money then you can do that.
okay, which comes to my next question :p
best way to make money??

I see most people make money by selling arts on market with 100-500 increment or elements at 2-3 more/piece. Is that very effective?

I just sold merc elements I accumulated since start for around 100k.
Some say that talking about big stuff is a way to overcompensate.
Yep best to avoid rangers guild, its like thieves guild but not as good. It's worth it to save up for a TGI

Best ways to make money are enrolling, market trading and more recently shares. Shares are expensive to buy though.
mini balance, good luck all
not really
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