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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
for AKA:

it comes from robe and cloak

That was so unfair the thrashers literally trashed ur bears and enforcers D:

Thats not fair at all D:
for Fallen Atheros:

I meant, why would you equip items with SP. They are useless for Tribal as far as I know.
for AKA:

robe and cloak give defense and knowledge but they also give sp,not my choice:)
My savings. :(
Sudden Difficulty Spikes be like...

difficulty spikes are making this event lose its fun factor. Huge enemy armies, with negligible stat boosts to own army. :(

one of the best starts ive had in this event. the enemy is so predictable when it comes to zerks
nice, 4 runes of retribution, all with multiple hits, superb. I can imagine dwarf will get stronger more proportionally in this, as the crash part is so vital on moving first. Those extra bits of ini towards the end will make it more likely that they can unleash a good rune of retribution with invokers. Other factions I think perhaps will notice some of the % increases a bit less.
For this event I think one will only get to the top if you are consistently playing with the same partner as otherwise the "difficulty" you face is variable. In other events because the difficulty is shown, you can only join if it is similar, thereby meaning you are naturally at around the same sort of level. In this however you can join no matter where you are in things, so coul dhave someone doing really well, joined by someone well off the pace, thus lowering the amount of points they get.

I am not really sure how I feel about that, given that I play in random bits of time, I can never play with the same person, so realistically will not be competitive. That being said this system makes it easier to find a partner
Yeah i also thing it depends on how many attempts ur partner has...

And u even get Points according to the battles ur partner had done D:

So i think top partners will win
for death2all:

this event is for dwarfs anyway
Does attack increase lords spell damage?
So how are people doing on this then, without the rankings anymore it is hard to judge whether I am doing well or not. Normally I don;t mind as do it in cheap arts, this time I have actually equipped better, so ideally want to do well enough to recoup the increased costs. OK win rate, skewed probably by a number of pairings with people with less wins so equally probably reasonably low points.

I would imagine recorderppt and Laco24 are top runners for A&D, looks a pretty good combo

My results thus far are

Victories / Combats: 35 / 42
Total points: 2750, available: 9

Increases troops and hero damage, % Attack: +9% +1 for 211 pts.
Decreases physical and magical damage taken, % Defense: +8% +1 for 133 pts.
Increaes troops and hero initiative, % Initiative: +3% +1 for 220 pts.
Increases recruit count, % Recruit count: +6% +1 for 209 pts.
for ElfMoon:I don;t believe it will, though it will a heroes direct attack. Initiative definately increases hero ini as well. I think the ironic think with this is that if you increased hero ini, I think you decrease the time DoF is operational for, as it comes off when you cast next. So if you have ini 10 it comes off less quickly (in comp\rison to creatures moves) compared to when your hero has base ini of 11
this event is for dwarfs anyway

I think people are also using charmer, and BW
How are people doing at this

This is me at the moment, 10 more to go

Victories / Combats: 49 / 60
Total points: 4077, available: 209
Victories / Combats: 59 / 70
Total points: 5028, available: 107

Increases troops and hero damage, % Attack: +6% +1 for 139 pts.
Decreases physical and magical damage taken, % Defense: +9% +1 for 150 pts.
Increaes troops and hero initiative, % Initiative: +2% +1 for 169 pts.
Increases recruit count, % Recruit count: +13% +1 for 749 pts.
Victories / Combats: 58 / 70
Total points: 5263, available: 68
Victories / Combats: 60 / 70
Total points: 5143, available: 118
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