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[Event] Smugglers


Author[Event] Smugglers
I will prefer elf and dark elf.....

They are the best ones.

And if u have dwarf there is nothing like that ^
New Artifact?


That seems cool
Have you looted it in battle? so finally they introduced alternatives for RoC/RoSs :)
BW seems nice for the start - fairly easy, only the 3rd battle in. I love tactics for BW, and I think in these to start with we are likely to win the ranged battle. Not sure how many ranged sets of troops they are fielding.

for AKA:
They said in the interview they were going to introduce new arts to balance the OP nature of rings of cold and sun and that these would be introduced through an event. And here we have an event where strange things are being transported......

Somehow I think I know where this is going.
New Artifact?


a lvl 15 art that is better than lvl 16 one...seems balanced lol

nobody is forcing level 16 players to buy level16 rings :p

they are meant to substitute for the stat of cold rings at level 15.
[Post deleted by moderator Corey // ]
Looking for a Level 10,11,12 Partner :)
I hate Tengu
I hate Tengu

I'm with you buddy they are the annoying most creatures in this game....

They have so much movement speed and literally kill if they are above 30 D:
I haven't seen them till now!
Someone post a battle!
for Naturef:
for Naturef:

Oh lol!
I've seen them!
But i started today so their numbers are not high :D
Maximum Tengu were 6 in my battles
Hehe my favourite fiction story (Detective Conan) had a Tengu related case for its 1000th file which it finally reached just a couple of months ago :D
Tengu does seem kinda strong here, I think I have seen them in ST.
On a side note, I think death envoys are based on kamaitachi, another Japanese fictional creature.
Faced them in STs :|
They pretty much looks weak~ but are strong as hell
in what do you invest your points? i am a battlemage thou :D
attack and initiative is wht i will prefer
don;t forget to work out your recruit optimum. For BW with 9 sphinx and a recruit count of 6% you will get an extra sphinx, therefore gaining the equivalent of more than 10% attack and hp, better then than investing in attack and defence. However beyond that amount the benefits are less significant. So while a bit of balance is useful given the increase in cost, work out your optimum recruit count and get to it fairly quickly
Damn some battles are tough to crack.
150ish Warlords on a Defense Tribal is an overkill.

Also 600+ Infiltrators... meh... the poison damage.
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