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[NEWS] balancing update


Author[NEWS] balancing update
At least I think UN will be more interesting to play now since the battles won't last 2hrs. For elemental build, the HP reduction in raise might not matter really much since the hero will be too busy summoning and casting firewalls and magic punches anyway... Plus the initial troop count got increased, by something like 1 dragon, 1-2 envoys and few dreadlordies at lvl17
I think they should change their name to dreadlordies - they sound much more friendly - it has a ring to it that I like :)

Do you think they will use the punch, I would imagine most of the time I would go with the firewall, only punch if there is a risk of hitting your own stack.. The absence of ranged may mean that often this is complicated, however great counter to ranged factions.

May team well in CG as firewalls will be strongest against shooters - either they continue to have defence reduction and damage or else they do not shoot - consequently a UN with a shooty faction should get the ranged advantage to force the enemy to advance.
Here's the official translation from Empire:
Dear players, there have been some changes in the balance:
1. Two new talents have been added to the "Nature Magic" branch: Master of conjuration and Master of obstacles.
2. The unique racial ability of Unholy necromancers, “Master animator”, has been changed. Now the raised unit is shifted on the initiative bar by [50+3*(Faction Skill Level)]%. The hero's shift on the initiative bar is cancelled. The HP bonus for raised creatures is removed.
3. "Triumph of death" ability of Death Proclaimers is changed - damage dealt is increased. In addition, the ability reduces the tribal spirit of the units of barbarians by 40 points.
4. The effectiveness of “Blind” spell of Cyclops shamans has been reduced.
5. Ability of Lodestone golem is changed to "Enchanted Armor" - They now take damage from opponent's spells, but do not take damage from the spells of allies;
6. Creatures with the "Tribal spirit" ability will not receive spirit points when darkness spells are cast upon them.
7. Recruit count has been increased for Unholy necromancer.
8. Faction bonuses have been updated for rare sets.

This is not the final change in the balance.
they really went overboard with the shift upon raising. This necro is deadly in 1v1.
R.I.P Lodestone Golems.
for virtual_vitrea:

I agree, its the iniative boost that does it. you kill a stack, one thing left to kill, then suddenly he raises it and it moves before any of your troops and does loads of damage.

In this battle I thought I had it easy - till the raise of vamps moves them forward in front of all my troops. Watch the shift in the ATB bar, they are moving after most of my troops - I am thinking time to mop up when suddenly they are in front of everyone and what is more they are now a full stack.

I guess tactics against them need to be very different, but at the moment I am suspicious of how I would win short of morale procs etc allowing me to finish them quickly.

for Lord MilesTeg:
now they are the killer of fragile factions, but weak against casters, completely different with before.
I would say if you have a necro castle - consider doing the campaigns now before they nerf the ini bonus a bit - Raising dead units is like the knightsfervour where they inspire by 33%, will tend to get around 80% with all the troops restored. Ipsen is so going to wet himself with joy
Based on what I saw from that battle, I might even have trouble against the UN as a Knight. As Miles said, I will need to bring a high morale build to even have a chance against them.
now they are the killer of fragile factions, but weak against casters, completely different with before.

Exactly! I played around 15 clan war pvp battles with un, they were strong against casters. I used my troops as a DE caster uses his - meat. The hero turn bonus helped me survive and cast spells to attack (raise dead, firewall, etc.). This is a nerf for PvP as the admins warned about in previous interviews.
8. Faction bonuses have been updated for rare sets.
what does this means by details?
for RevolutionRebel:

That refers to the "additional bonuses for level 14+" of the rare sets. You can see all the bonuses for each faction's set here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=40
For example, the tribal set bonuses got nerfed.
for Dragon Eater:
is there anything different from before? I have not find any.
For RR:

Tribal set used to give an extra 4 knowledge, some attack and 300 spirit.

They changed that to remove the 4 knowledge and change 300 spirit to 150.
for Meshy:
oh I see, just notice this.
There will be huge convenience for UN in AG battles.
There will be huge convenience for UN in AG battles.

Yeah, gonna try and do UN AG after anniversary :)
Haha where's Ipsen? xD
My god, MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brb, gonna go bed to ********** :)
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Finally, us knights get a buff. Both the Militant and Paladin sets gets nice buffs for level 14+ knights. I felt like knights were being largely ignored by the admins. Thank you admins for including us in this latest round of balance updates!
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