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[Event] Freight Delivery


Author[Event] Freight Delivery
Just achievement in your character page for making 45k+ profit, nothing else. Thanks
Sigh, 3rd time I am 3 parts away from an imperial artifact....
I wont pay 30k for it...

to be fair it was pretty easy to get the 100 parts, i didnt like the hunting event or PVP event so i only got like 8 parts from them and i still managed to get there :D by my calculations there was roughly 162 parts available to get.and as someone said, sell them for extra gold to make the most of it :D

in terms of the reward, i like it :D probably one of the best backpack arts
Can someone get the Imperial Art twice ? Although it would take a lot of gold to buy the extra parts but suppose if someone makes to 162 parts and gets 38 more from market. Will it give another Imperial Art ?
If you are that much of a pro and rich then yes it is possible, but can't think why you would :D
I ended up with 149 parts, though obviously more were possible. It would cost around half a million gold to get a second one. Even with the max number of parts it would still be fairly similar. Its a good art, but you can only use one at a time and they are not quite that good!
I don't even care getting one but just curious xD
they are not quite that good!

10% magic/melee/range resist... If there are 4 artifacts like that (armor set+shield) you would end up ignoring 35% of all incoming damage. Then the arts are already better than any other alternative and set bonus will probably be too. In fact it should turn out to be completely overpowered.
Just achievement in your character page for making 45k+ profit, nothing else

If you count that on your lost battles you lose also gold invested in cargo, that profit will be much less.
for kulala: player shark has already bought 54 parts of imperial helmet.
he also bought 20+ parts of imperial armour (didn't bother to count).

In fact it should turn out to be completely overpowered.

As all set artifacts in this game, until we get all 9 of them, they will release another set with better stats.
Maybe, or maybe not? It's a special set and it's being formed during each and every event while pirate is only finished now after years since the 1st pirate event. At that rate imperial set will be finished in like a year and a half. In beetween we've got cave set which started with alt DE event (was that two years ago?) and that is at 4 or 5/10 arts and leader which has 3 arts and must be roughly as old as dungeon.

nice UCI lol :P

1 mil gifts to people, he must exchange a lot of diamonds o.O
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The Empire will generously reward those who deliver the most cargo to the island.

You are rewarded with the gold profit from that (which comes from the empire) and an event art with a potentially significant monetary value.

Pretty lame. I was expecting a cashback bonus at the end of it all. I only made just over 8000 gold after 48 attempts, which is not even remotely close to the artifact cost expenditure. Way too difficult pirates at 140-210 level.

Probably the last of these I will do.
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