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[Event] Freight Delivery


Author[Event] Freight Delivery
Then they should not have mentioned it in the announcement.
Aren't events designed to drain your gold anyway?
Looks a good backpack art for tanky factions, also not much difference between pirate and pirate-captain one. Don't expect captain's will be on high price.
for Mega Demon:
Presumably you are referring to this

The Empire will generously reward those who deliver the most cargo to the island.

You are rewarded with the gold profit from that (which comes from the empire) and an event art with a potentially significant monetary value.

Whether you consider that generous however is another matter.....

If you ever run a pirate set then a backpack is a must, not likely to be an alternative for a while, which may drive up prices.
Maybe top 100 got extra reward or something?
An extra achievement for 45k+ profit.
Interesting thing is, can only see 2 lvl 6s in top100 along with all lvl 20-22s. No chance to do good for mid-levels it seems.
Profit potentially is directly linked to how much you transported, though favours those with high win ratio (less loss). It also favours those whose natural battle times are before the main peaks of activity.

In the first few days this is just as the server starts a new day since to begin with no one has ships to transport the heavier cargo, so their price gradually rises. The moment people have ships large enough to haul them however there cost will decrease. Those that get into these hauls first before others will therefore hit them at peak reward and make more profit.

Later on in the event there are daily variations in line with the peak times of activity. As such the prices will generally fall in line with that peak, then gradually rise until the next peak. Those that are able to fight before the main period of activity and therefore after the price has risen as high as it will go and before it starts to drop again will get more profit.

It would be interesting to see average profit against time zone to see how strong the correlation is.
what is about imperial helmet i have 48 parts what to do
Sell them (you will get two lots of 20 parts from what you have) and there will be no more events for the imperial helmet I believe. I have two lots on the market as well, currently going for 9k each, though still got a lot of hours left to increase.
I'm now 40% a pirate and 33% an Imperial. This new pirate art is interesting as it is a backpack item
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Link easier to read]
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Same as above]
The worst reward ever :D
Sigh, 3rd time I am 3 parts away from an imperial artifact....
I wont pay 30k for it...
I thought it was fairly decent artifact myself, but given the average price on the market perhaps I am in the minority.

To me the value of an art is judged against what would normally be used. Since it is non shop the only use I have for event arts is pretty much my pirate set for campaigns or to sell it. Given that I use a pirate set this art adds more than probably any other event art I could have got (any other pirate art in a different pirate slot would have had to have insane stats to be better than this one when you consider the set bonus), ergo I am happy. Granted I am easy to please :)
for Aurelija: Then get around 40k+ for your troubles, every cloud has a silver lining. with the Imperial set since they cannot be transferred if you are missing a few, then it is probably better to sell them anyway as you won;t get the set bonuses to the same extent.
The worst reward ever :D

It's the best backpack available as of now and the only one available as part of a full set. Of course you might not like the stats it provides but it provides the most stats even excluding set bonus.
What is about with that silver coin in reward ?
What is about with that silver coin in reward ?
Just achievement in your character page for making 45k+ profit, nothing else.
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