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[Event] Freight Delivery


Author[Event] Freight Delivery
wild difficulty swings make this a poorly done event. :(
Can any lvl 15+ player post your tough battles? I was assuming it would be a one hit kill with your army.
If you got bored, see this:


Even if I lose all the battles in this event now, this video is worth it :D
This thing seems far to hard , bad scaling of freight load with difficulty.
Agree, the difficulty spikes too weird. + the undead pirate are a joke not sure if I got lucky but I've never even came close to losing to it then with the same load against a regular pirate you get infinite nix warriors coming at you and you can't do anything lol

Pure Gold
Sixth cannon is a net?
Can someone explain to me how this battle is even doable? lmfao

for Flying_Penguin:
Nobody said that every battle must be doable ;) And to be honest, elf is not the best faction for this event (my opinion). I am playing charmer which I like more.
That doesn't seem fair lol.. I feel like all battles should be doable, incredibly hard yes maybe but not impossible lol that's just dumb design. That wasn't even a full load so I don't know what to say..

Honestly, even if my shooters went first there it wouldn't matter that much as the nixes and ayssids would clean up on their own.

Anyone have any luck with knight or necro?
Anyone else feeling a drop in difficulty?
Nope, just way to random depending upon troops they have and rng with morale etc.

Seems wrong that I only just managed to win one at 105 tonnes, when I won at 145 with some 1500 less silver invested in cannons that I have now.

I think it stems from the fact that the buffs from the sea witches etc can generate a stack which can insta kill any of your stack, while there is usually 3-4 stacks that have serious damage potential. As such you cannot engage one without severely risking the rest, meanwhile cannon efficacy is hugely variable. If a lot of the enemy is in large troops then you are looking at double damage, if a large proportion is in nixes then it is less than 50% damage. As such I am now putting more and more into hp of cannons so at least they spend time killing them rather tha nmy troops
Hauls: 64
Freight delivered: 5825.00 t.
Profit: 28,390 g.

this has become more of a chore then fun :D
it is disqusting am considering deleting acount just to get rid of this crapy sh%$t
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Is this event any good for a player with low cl like me and playing DE?
elf is not bad if proper played, for example:
Is this event any good for a player with low cl like me and playing DE?

Tamer DE is good if you have Magic guild level 3, but at your level I cant speculate :s
Hauls: 84
Freight delivered: 11252.00 t.
Profit: 66,873 g.

the difficulty flow is quite strange this time, luck may be the most important point to get high score.
At level 10 HK worked fine for me..
But at level 10 Knight seems to work better because of Guardians (I guess)
Too hard battles even on min load :/
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