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[Event] Freight Delivery


Author[Event] Freight Delivery
Hauls: 28
Freight delivered: 1850.00 t.
Profit: 6,448 g.

3 losses, 2 on the first day (because I went with full loading 100/100 and it was a close battle I think), and 1 today. An avoidable loss, but very close.
sooo is it safe upgrading canons or not? Cause I got a lot of spare silver right now
Hauls: 28
Freight delivered: 2512.00 t.
Profit: 11,206 g.

2 lost today... :(((
Hauls: 28
Freight delivered: 2171.00 t.
Profit: 11,642 g.

not great, but not terrible
Hauls: 28
Freight delivered: 2600.00 t.
Profit: 12,572 g.
The upgraded canons are "must have". They are making good dmg at higher levels.
#46 For defensive builds as well ?
#46 For defensive builds as well ?

probably more so :D

the cannons stats are based on hero level i believe. upgrading the damage increases the damage (obviously) and increasing durability increases health
@Pastak, my cannon levels are all level 10 and are hardly doing any damage, like a bit above 60 damage, so what good damage are you talking about?
well there is something wrong with your cannons, mine are level 10, and with luck they do 600+ damage... 900 to a large creature
for death2all:
he is hitting lizard, or s full-buffed boss with large shield.
well then its his own fault :D
Its tricky judging difficulty in this as it can vary so much depending upon which troops they have.

If they have lots of women pirates/corsairs and shooters it is very difficult as you cannot control the match and your cannons are less effective. If they have more large creatures, they often block the pathways such that your cannons are highly effective.

How effective are defensive builds? The pirates ignore defence ability for so many troop types makes me think it is not the way to go, but perhaps when cannons are doing mroe damage it is the way to go.
The upgraded nixies are beasts, even if they are buffed with holy spells. 30 of them can easily kill the whole army including treefolk stack in defense mod. XD
Charmer elf is really good in this event. Dryads can oneshot women pirates, shooters can kill bucaneers and sailors (and women) and unicorns can tank while cannons kill large creatures. As for nixes, unicorns and lightnings hit them hard
The fact that your attack gets reduced by 40% against those nix upgrades, plus the large shield makes them much harder to kill. Finding this much harder than expected when I upgraded boat. Ho hum, you live and learn (or in my case mostly dieing and learning)
I'm not just hitting lizard or shielded boss with the cannons, I am hitting rest of the units as well and the cannons still don't do that much even though I have upped all 4 cannons to level 15 damage. But it doesn't matter much since I'm playing it as charmer elf, got the cannons for meat but somehow suiciding with all my units allready ends the battle within two rounds if not the first and the cannons stay there for show.
those events latlely are not improving this one actualy makes me puke to play blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no fun at all
I see Meshy with a ban hammer X_X
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User requested]
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