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Event Portal of Time


AuthorEvent Portal of Time
for kulala:
i hope something good relevant and usefull.
if it will be backpack i will be so sad.
We already have almost everything with temporal. We do lack a magic cloak, a magic ring (sorely needed because the other temporal rings are really bad now) and a backpack. So somehow I fear it will be backpack. Alternatively I think it would make sense to release a real amulet for might because the great temporal one is useless.
i dont remeber having a magic weapon from temporal stuff so maybe we will get that
actually ignore me we did get a staff :D
So this is my last fight:
Level 45

and this is my second last fight:
Level 44

It seems ridiculous to me that level 44 is much more tough than level 45.
Or maybe its that the admins didn't try to balance the factions and made past demons too weak in front of past amphibians. Lost 3 times to amphibians on levels 43-44 but level 45 was won with almost 70% army alive. Really annoying :/
42k reward and art posted for 55k
Pretty good event !
Really really nice axe..
OP axe
Too good rewards!
71.5k gold and a 74/74 axe :)
Great Rewards
55.7K + 73/73 Axe
Might hold onto my axe.. 40k seems too low for it
Mesh you got what dura :?
Crystals - 4,348, max. difficulty level - 51, total combats: 96
Victories: 78
Creatures captured: 224
Gold reward: 65220
Durability: 79/79

Super cool event...Very much satisfied with the results and artifact :)
I wasn't sure it would cut for all the battles made but I must have made a nice profit in the end. I'm a bit curious what you need to do to get the 90 dura axe though, is it for top 30 guys in bold?
Yea. 90 dura for top 30.
80 dura 31 to 100
Must feel bad to be the 31st :p
I think expert bot was around 101 mark :p
101 must be 79 dura which lose a decent chunk of value compared to 80, however 80 to 90 is probably worth 200 to 300k less.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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