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41st Minor tournament++


Author41st Minor tournament++
13/20 dwarf , bronza incoming :D
Shadow barbs are NOT balanced.


I did EVERYTHING right in this battle. I even had magic resistance to further weaken his disruption rays. And I still couldn't kill the ogre... They should receive some kind of nerf, like reduction of ogres (about 50 or even less maybe), or nerf their iniative (with that delay on my gbm his ogre had more iniative) or make them consume tribal spirit faster (they gain tribal spirit while taking damage from all my units). Or take away some of his magic abusing because 300 blinds and permanent weakening magic and insane defense is not fair.

I honestly cant understand how is a huge defense and offense (and spellcaster) with 5 (6) speed and 5500+ hp is considered fair. That unit alone has more hitpoints than my unicorn, treefolk AND anchorites combined. Now lets add the unkillable ogre shamans and 100 hyenas (and behemoths that ignore defense).

Wake up. This is not okay. This is not balanced.
^^ Cyclop shamans
^Hitting cyclop shamans with unicorns instead of ogre shamans wasn't right (since they did not have mana left and could deal little damage only)
That little damage could chip off my gbm, considering gbm had barely 30 defense or so. Also, uni was weakened as well and retal would have taken 10 of them down. I lose either way.
for Aurelija:your build is bad, your play is like someone who has CG 0.
sorry to say but its the truth. again darkness build then why you put all your unit in one corner ?

anyway the full atk classic elf with max ranged unit and no EFK is sucks. even vs chaos where they suppose to shine they fail miserably

^^ I tried all builds possible and this is the only build I managed to win with. I destroy chaos mages.

This is the build used by people who earned 15/15 in tourney.
The reason I put my units in corner, was because a combination of Magic Resistance talent and Aura of Magic Proof from unicorns gives all my units 40 procent magic resistance, making his spells weak (barely feeling that confusion).

Efk is useless. They die without doing much. Having reliable shooters is really good (Before this loss I won 6 in a row, one being a really cluch with shooters against a dwarf).

If I were to duel an elf with efk I would win no prob (my shooters would kill his efk fast)

In both combats the elf is fighting DE, which is situational. As for wizards and BW, they stand no chance against me. (chaos or dof that is)
Lol.. putting all your troops in one corner against an enemy who has confusion and blind is just asking to lose..
Not mass confusion. Only orc confusion. If I split em up he will still debuff me, except I will take stronger effects from orcs AND my units are exposed for blocking :/
I mean if you have a better strategy please share. I am eager to learn.
Not mass confusion. Only orc confusion. If I split em up he will still debuff me, except I will take stronger effects from orcs AND my units are exposed for blocking :/

But mass delay, curse, disrupt. Against dark you split so that he can at best only cast on half army. Split bows too, so only one half is confused and kill orcs once you get your turn. Same for druids, 4 turns stone is too short and means there's an handy confuse to pull. If two halves then confused half can stone while non confused half can shoot.

Then again when you come to shoot in range the ogres just move far enough so he can't debuff both shooters + trees and block both shooters once tree is dead. Kill the ogres early instead of waiting to be disrupted so much you die from retal.
Did someone say Shadow Barbs are impossible to defeat? *cough cough Aurelijia cough*

All the elves I know, beat shadow barbs easily.

During my play as elf at lvl 11-13, those were the only faction which were able to kill shadow barbs easily.
Even at this level.
If elves play properly, there's no way he can lose to a shadow barb.

This is just example battle -

I have never seen a battle, where if both elves and barbs are pro, elves loses. ( provided elves playing in full archer luck build )
oh wow that was easy for you Santremus ;)
Yeah well, he rushed you. Mine did not rush me. Also mine blocked his orcs from my dragons and my shooters could not oneshot 3 cyclops.
^ reason why flame dagger exists.
Yeah well, he rushed you. Mine did not rush me.
Then why did you rush him? You had shooters, he didn't. You could have reduced his army a lot by using your shooters and not rushing with trees and unicorns.
^ reason why flame dagger exists.
Ring of suns* I meant.

To overpower thier defense, you need more attack.
Try it, you'll see different outcome for sure.
Not that lot. I tried rings of sun. With them I just die too fast. Both charmer and regular.

My strategy was to catch ogres with treefolk and then hold them with defend, while I can shoot them to death while unicorn takes care of other units. I wouldn't have done shit for damage if I shot him while he's out of range.

Unfortunatly, it takes 20 unicorns 6 turns to kill 4 cyclop shamans and 40 hyenas.
aurelija did mostly right, only 2 points can be improved:
1. split shooters
2. don't suicide dragon in vain.
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