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41st Minor tournament++


Author41st Minor tournament++
Effectively the parts you get in total for a medal are as follows

Bronze - 35
Silver 45
Gold - 50
These tables are interesting to track builds and current records. Also interesting how much luck plays a factor in terms of what medal you get.


As a classic chaos wizard, obviously the greatest threat is pure attack rush builds, dwarf and charmer being the most frequently used of that sort at my combat level (at least they were the only ones I lost to). The others seem to have lost to fury barbs as well, though I did not face them.

I faced 6 dwarves and 4 charmers to get my 15 wins, while the top 2 placed at the moment got 1 dwarf and 1 charmer, and the other only 1 charmer.

Just life and unavoidable I recognise, but still interesting how much the opponents vary
well looking at that statistic for CL 16 the dwarf is god tier, while demigod tier are TDE, shadow barb, and charmer.

I wonder if admin will make some adjustment (not just recruit count) after this tourney.
well looking at that statistic for CL 16 the dwarf is god tier, while demigod tier are TDE, shadow barb, and charmer.

I thought last tournament that it would be obvious that say dwarf (13% of gold and silver) was strong while necro was weak (5% gold and silver out of total medals) but apparently that was not clear enough. Then we had paired where ~33% of gold and silver were dwarves, still no fix. So I guess we'll get a balance eventually but I'm not sure what more is needed (.ru forum is filled with nerf dwarf threads). Also notable mention is tribal which looks to be best at duels with almost 14% of gold+silver, it's just less obvious because there are so few participants.

I think what bothers me the most are dark barbs though. I was not expecting they would come up balanced after their massive overall but did expect a balance check earlier than about 8 month after the changes (I think they only buffed the cyclop blind and meteor?).
for Aurelija:
7 losses in a row. New record?

Just beaten someone who puts your loss record to shame


They have managed 11 losses in a row!

Sorry, it had nto updated with his loss to me, its 12 losses in a row with no wins, poor fella
Won 15 out of 15 as Lvl16 Tribal.. Lucky that most of my opponents were FSL 11 or lower and no battle-wise wiz among them..

Good work Sir
well looking at that statistic for CL 16 the dwarf is god tier, while demigod tier are TDE, shadow barb, and charmer.

Speak for yourself :D as dwarf I have less then 20% win rate :D
for death2all:

And you are playing with FSL 10 dwarf without skill potion . How did you manage to win that 20% battles ?!!
Potion will only take me to fsl11 and that's not worth it :D
Speak for yourself :D as dwarf I have less then 20% win rate :D

I think I have an extra 6 or 7 stats and you can safely find stronger around, on top of your low fl.
I know what my problems are That a why I don't complain I am simply pointing out that dwarf is a strong faction but it's far from unbeatable
In the tourney it is of course logical to expect that your best result would come with your main faction. However, in some strong builds it may be that there are only 1 or 2 factions that it struggles with.

As such if your main was these difficult factions, you could use a skill potion and have stupendous anti faction skill against your main threat, possible balancing out to a great extent the lower amount of direct stats from not being FL12 (or whatever).

So for example I am FL 12 wizard and 11 for dwarf, so after finishing with wizard I started fighting as a dwarf. However, I would probably have been better off using a skill potion and playing a faction and build whose main tough fights as CL17 were dwarf and wizard.

Anyone suggest who that may be - I am thinking perhaps shadow barbs would fit that.
for Lord MilesTeg:
Which castles do you have?
Dwarf, Wiz, elf, barb, dark elf.

Though unfortunately realised just now I lack all barb magic schools after I didn't as load on tribal castles ( need to upgrade shamans and wyverns still) and unlock some rituals
Spent not didn't, I really should check better when using my phone
Will be more objective than me, and taking into account lvl 17 balance:

Shadow barb would have been best pick indeed, it has just two weakness, classic wiz and demon and is superior to anything else.

Other possibilities are less obvious.
Can we expect some 'Balance Changes' after this MT?

Its been months since they last did one.
The last one was when UN's Racial was Reworked, Iirc, Idk.
Maybe, we had one in May.

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