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41st Minor tournament++


Author41st Minor tournament++
You meant Hell Fire?
They changed it to Physical Dmg, so ignores all kinds of Magic Resists/Protections.
for Slust:
don't need to. Don't care to. Instead of bringing up stats and complaining, i'd rather practice other factions and classes myself. Nobody is stopping you from playing them either. Please think about that before you say stuff like "your OPed faction." I think that sort of thinking suits low level guys who have not built anything else more than 1 faction.

Anyhow, all this data business and re-balancing, i leave it for admins because i am of the opinion that it is more complicated than just nerfing whatever class manages to dominate duels, as you want to us to believe. Plus if i remember correctly, there were some changes after minor tournament last so its not like things are being ignored.
Close fight against shadow barb:
Oh hey you only need one more win as dark elf to get bronze.. And you are playing TDE...

It would be a shame if your every single opponent would be a chaos wizard... Or a shadow barb.. or literaly anything that is not an elf and has 12 anti on dark elf only.....

Seriously I have the worst luck in this god damn game....
IF your set up is such that you can only beat elves, who you have massive anti faction against, surely this is not bad luck, but an inevitability of the build you have gone for. If my odds of getting elves is lets say 20%, and I lose 80% of my battles because they are not elves, to me this is not bad luck, just probability.
My setup is the most used setup for TDE. I can only beat elves cause 12 anti. Everything else i lose agaisnt cause either they counter me or they got 12 DE anti....

I lost to a chaos wizard twice. Both battles were legit unwinnable.

Then I looked up if any 15/15 tdes met any wizards. They did. And they won.

2 Battles. In both wizard made mistakes no wizard made against me. First one cast his first spell on witches (mine insta focus lizard with chaos and genie magic).

In second one, he did not place his gargoyle in a corner, allowing TDE to swarm them. NO WIZARD DID THAT AGAINST ME.

the only reason I mentioned an elf is because they are literaly only thing I CAN beat....
Again. I changed up to full attack DE because yolo and I am sick of this crap and I only need one win.

My oponent is defense DD. Something a TDE can easily beat but completely counters might DE.... How is that not the absolute worst luck a person can have>??????
^ Unfortunately thats true.
In my experience this MT++ is more dependent on the opponent which you get, rather than skill.
Unlike last MT++, this had been very unfortunate for me.. have faced all top10 best stats players of my level ( and ofc as im new to lvl 15, my guilds suck ); while on checking the replays of 15/15 winners, all they got were noob opponents and themselves had same or less guild stats as compared to me.

Ofc its expected from you to be strong to win gold, so you could beat everyone you face; but getting noob/weak opponents, or players with goog guilds but no PvP experience, determines medal winning more here.
(You have 14 victories out of 34 battles for Dark elf)

I have been trying to get this last win for god damn 3 hours. HELP. I am LOSING my MIND!
^ Aurelija, lets just wait till next Mixed Tournament... xD I suppose its the next one to come.
Maybe better Luck there?

... Unless they surprise us, and Dwarf comes, and they put Insight Tournament.
Unexpected it would be, but who knows.
5 defeats and counting. Seriously I am about to break something.
Don;t stress it, there is always someone worse off. Look at this dudes record.

Played 13, lost 13!

Some more people to pity

Played 15, lost 15 http://lgnd.ru/mt41/info/id/3370843/lvl/16

Played 40, won 4 http://lgnd.ru/mt41/info/id/4144673/lvl/16

Played 17, won 1 http://lgnd.ru/mt41/info/id/4209525/lvl/16

I cannot be bothered to look for anymore, but you have to admire their tenacity!
6 in a row, keep em comin. Reminder. I only need ONE WIN.
Also I just lost to a chaos DE. As a FULL ATTACK DE. Couldnt kill him off in time. Soooo yeah....
Come on Aurelija you can do it :)
I finaly did it. A win.....

Got matched against someone who missclicked in phone and went with might DE build but spellcaster parameters (low atk, medium def, 16 sp, offensive talents).

I wouldnt like this if this didnt mean that I am finaly done with this crapfest of a tournament...
Also I just lost to a chaos DE. As a FULL ATTACK DE. Couldnt kill him off in time. Soooo yeah....

thats terrible.. even more than piercing luck being unable to kill mage DE.
I managed to lose to a chaos DE as piercing luck dwarf! Super embarrassing at the end, he ran out of mana so it was down to basic hero attack, of which mine was much larger. I attacked instead of ran as thought my only out was hitting luck before his next hero move. Of course I forgot that the display if hero damage is without anti faction modifiers, so he couldn't kill me.
wow, how did he manage to get that close?

Everytime i see a mage against dwarf, its over before DE casts 3rd time :p
I made a number of errors, used a rush rune to remove shrew to free up invokers, which didn't kill them, then used rush on bears to block lizards. This meant none left to get dragons in before they took damage and de had defended. It's so vital to get hits in before ladons and Minos defend. Anyway here it is to laugh at my bad judgementhttps://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=917821158&html5=1
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