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The old thread was obsolete. Here we go again. I guess the next LG event is not too far away. I think I got my best LG drop so far today: 372 wardens (https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=971887591)

Did anyone get rare drops yet? (of course someone did...)
Wow that's some real luck! :oo
But i have wardens too, i don't think i like them for their leadership cost.

Are you saying its lucky because the total leadership exceeds what you usually get?
Are you saying its lucky because the total leadership exceeds what you usually get?

Yes. I never use wardens, but 41k leadership of an uncommon troop was very good. I did some survilurg battles with enchants and think I was lucky to get an uncommon troop drop this time.

Are you saying its lucky because the total leadership exceeds what you usually get?

Getting uncommon troop in battle is lucky :p , I haven't got even once till now
What do you think about the next LG event? Will it be more difficult since more players have higher LG level now?
modern golems + gremlin engineers + some buff creature would be pretty good

repair can be considered as another kind of raise dead :)
I think the gremlins would die before the repairing
If you have both then you will not have enough firepower to get ranged advantage. Even if you do then you will likely want to shoot approaching enemies, however modern golems are rather slow. I guess a little resurrect later when the battle is under control may help if they county it (with vampires it is not the final amount that counts but your lowest number reached.
Are the any decent mechanical troops other than golems? I was hoping the Mobile ballista may have been, but it isn't.
Mercenary warriors are working very well for me. They're still quite cheap.
its just a guess,i didnt get any modern golems yet...

using mercenary warriors and red swordman as main force now, -1000~+100 gold every battle..
Right now I am using trolls and royal griffins and play 1 point battles. Sometimes I do get bad luck, but most of the time I came up with no losses or a profit. Griffin dives and thus takes no damage basicly and troll rarely loses numbers. Its mostly support that takes damage and causes me losses.
I use ogre trophy hunters and tools as main force with 3 satyrs and 4 leprechaun and the rest magogs. They are mostly there to do token damage and mean main troops get shot up less as they take the hits instead. Not lost one in a long time.
i think there are many setting can win easily this time, now the point is how to earn gold from LG battles, or reduce the cost at least :)
I use this one http://prntscr.com/ncbuz3 and very often only 1-3 liches are lost which mean <150 gold lost in 1pt battle, thus >200g profit. Sometimes when I see that 1pt battle would cause big loss, I try to do 1.2 or 1.5 and sometimes I succesfully make profit there (or at least the loss is almost zero).
This means that after getting really cool troops, you can easily make very decent prfit from 1pt battles and nobody even ever tried any 'red' creature. Such one could have even better ressurection discount in future ;)
Does anyone even have a red creature? Do they exist?
They're somewhere in the game's code, but nobody has them yet.
Any more info about these red creatures?
Just what we already know, I.e. they are upgraded T7 creatures (or at least some are).

There could be a few neutrals that fall into that category such as phoenix
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