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They do, but this can still help you win. For example, you lost 10 vamps. If you can keep your vamps above 15 you wont lose any more gold.
Demiliches cost 844, can take 9.

if you skip it into 3-4 teams they can keep on raising each other :)
Turns out the mummies greatest strength is not the raise, but rather the confusion. Still, only good for 1 point battles to make profit
I've stopped doing LeG since I saw that message "Your army's total leadership exceeds the maximum ..." It's not like I was making any profit, and they keep raising the cost of my troops.

And now it seems that every day that I look at this page, I exceed the maximum leadership more and more (I'm too lazy to change my recruitment). They are not letting up.

I must say, it's kind of a relief to not do LeG anymore.
Is exchanging creatures recommended ? or should I keep the creature handy for any upcoming event ?
Is exchanging creatures recommended ? or should I keep the creature handy for any upcoming event ?

Depends which troops, some troops like zombies and golems etc (tanky troops) are fairly common to use in events.
After having reached lvl 9 there really is not much point to this anymore. I mostly press skip now since I see I will lose gold instead of a gain. Have hardly played it this way, at least my funds don't dwindle from it anymore.
for Lawton:
I dont think LeG is fully developed yet. We dont know about more levels and theres still features to be seen. I guess well have a pvp tournament with LeG recruitment some day - a competition where CL doesnt matter much. Quitting the guild at lvl 9 might very well be something you regret later on
I didn't quit, now I only play if there is profit to be gained, if not then I just press skip.

And I reached level 9 finally :)
Good rewards I guess
What is the best shooter unit? I am using a loadout for 1s, using the tankyness and first hit of dreadbane. While dreadbanes tank and fight, I want my second major unit to be a shooter that can support them. Which one do you think is the best for its price? Right now I am using buccaneers.

Tankyness isnt a problem, I am using large shield + confusion to reduce enemy ranged damage to 0 (mummies are actually useful lel)
Gremlins are quite decent, but you need a large stack of them to be decent.
I tried some shooter builds a while ago, the thing is all too often they are doing half damage since are at range, and then they run out of shots or are doing half damage due to melee penalty. Therefore I stopped using them and went for a pure melee build with 3 single stacks of turncoat warmages and 1 goblin trapper to take initial hits. Sometimes a well timed delay is well worth it to get an extra hit in before they move, or to close the distance and block a shooter.
Thats why I am using buccaneers as my primary option now. They dont have a ranged penalty. Taking shots is not a problem. 70 procent conusion + large shield makes ranged damage from enemy nonexistant. 10 dmg per hit.
Aye, I suppose a high attackbut perhaps fragile option n if you are going for LeG 1 would be good, main thing then is initiative and damage output. The aim of the game is to win with as little loss, with lower difficulties it is possible to dominate them and thus not acrue losses even though your troops are frail. I tried to do that earlier on, and would switch my shooter based on ini level of the opposite shooters, such that I was odds on to shoot first, but it was not cost effective on higher levels. If you dominate completely it is cheap, if not it is expensive, middle ground is less hard to find. What you have seems a good option with that, double confusion guaranteed to be in place before they shoot, with good ranged and first hit of dreadbanes, which with the high hp can take a hit with minimal loss (and therefore cost) and then disengage once ranged advantage is gained.

Whether you need 5 leprachauns when I imagine battles would never get to 5 shotsI suppose is another matter, though can imagine there is not much else to invest the remaining Leadership into.
With this though, while the interesting part of LeG is about the experimentation of troops, I end up not doing so, sticking to one build that seems to work in almost all situations.

I cannot see how a shooter build would stay in profit for these (do not take this to be normal, though equally is not abnormal, and for some I have seen with better units for this I think regularly do come in profit for LeG 1.5 battles)

New leaders guild levels
Looks like 3,200 and 4,500

Both only give 1 epic each time
looking at the table on .ru https://www.heroeswm.ru/help.php?section=10

It seems like the reward for LeG11 increases by another 10% as before, though stays at 20,000 leadership. Hopefully they do not scale the difficulty while maintaining the same leadership value. If so it may end up being profitable should you get to a sufficient LeG level, who knows!
Any tips about troops to use for 1.5 point battles?
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