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AuthorNew Event-Tribal Path
Kill them all!
216+ battles

Before news posting, please use this combat briefing. It's the same with new event
just to lets everyone know, feral charge ability doesnt work. dont rush the worshippers like i did for that ability
Do we need to use tribal faction for first blood, or it works with any faction?
Any faction
If I use main faction (Necro), I get fsl12
If I use side factions (Pharaoh), I get Pos fsl = 11
Just an FYI
For final battles, still preferable to use main faction then

Also, What's the racial ability? Is there any?
Racial ability is first blood
If your stack would be damaged, for all creatures in your army the damage increased for 10% and speed for 2
That would be the racial talent.

The ability I'm not sure of
for Blindspot:
216+ battles

And def build works best :)))
By the About game section is ability

for Modi:
Mind finishing that putin story?
How do we get to 216+ battles?
Wait, is there a chance these would also become a new faction?? I can't handle more factions :|

Troops are pretty neat. Crushers are OP for tier 3
These portal troops are so OP, they can't implement them without killing off every other playable faction at the moment.
Only viable implementation i can see is, making a new Guild where we play with Portal heroes against portal heroes (PvP or PvE).
feral charge ability doesnt work.
It doesn't work when enemy is closer than 3 tiles. Is that why it didn't work for you?
is there a chance these would also become a new faction

Atleast not now, it's just a way to experience portal faction similar to Templar of Sun in Crusade.
Silver: 16,581
Glory: 30,571 / 67,461

Victories / Combats: 5 / 7
Total victories / combats: 23 / 27

gold: 13,000
HG points: 6.8
MG points: 5
TG points: 1.8
WG points: 1.8
diamonds: 0
armaments: 6
armaments of Tribal: 6
parts of Heaven sandals: 2
parts of Imperial shield: 0
stacks of LG: 1
parts of stacks of LG: 4
scrolls of calling: 1
silver: 69,971

These deserters are way too annoying
what is the number of combat breakdown?
6 of each mini task and 5 main battle each day?
for cyberclops:
How do we get to 216+ battles?
30 main battles
+ 6*3 aux battles per day for 7 days = 126
+ 50 additional levels
+ 1 battle for each 4 losses. (Compensatory battles)

So 30 + 126 + 50 = 206 battles and I added 10 battles as the compensatory battles.
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