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Automatic scripts players Jailed/Blocked


AuthorAutomatic scripts players Jailed/Blocked
Seems that since the real world came into this game with massive "donations" it brought unofficial real rule with them: The law is for the rich while the punishment for the poor.

Broken system. Unfortunately, that's how things work anyway.
Which MCs are bailing people out?

Have you checked your own transfer log?

Yes, pathetic. Pleased to see all cheaters get off without consequence.
2021-03-04 21:06: [ProZyk] was imposed a penalty of 1500000 gold. // Using automatic scripts

2021-03-05 00:02: Super-Dragon has invited ProZyk into the clan.

2021-03-05 00:03: ProZyk has joined the clan.

2021-03-05 00:01: Received 1000000 Gold from Super-Dragon: gift!

2021-03-05 00:02: Received 20000 Gold from Super-Dragon

2021-03-05 00:13: Received 100000 Gold from Celestica: gift

Absolutely shameful
We live in an age where people think it's cool to do unorthodox things. Using scripts to break the game is almost same as going to bat with an aluminium made bat instead of the willow. In this world, there are people out there who can do a lot better than what Aggressor did and still avoid getting caught. I don't think this is the right place to flex coding skills.

Maj had an excellent idea about punishing these guys. Don't fine them in gold. Fine them with guild points. Like take away 500 MG points, 500 TG points without taking the experience gained. That's a great idea imo.
for Botmun:

smh, still salty about the Australian cricket team are we?
for Igles:
Yes I guess. XD
Ponting had a spring in his bat...

I agree with the tax guild points but I doubt if it will be implemented, i dont see how a solution can be reached realistically, people will just keep doing what they are doing anyways xD
Ukraine didn't bail me out. I won't comment more on the matter.
btw. what kind of scripts was this used..for what?
btw. what kind of scripts was this used..for what?

Automated scripts. They just had to stay logged in and the scripts were auto playing the battles
For example, AGRESSOR was caught 4 times already, but he is still playing.
I assume this is due to heavy donations coming from him.

Would be nice if original Agressor would still be around. That account should be blocked ages ago. It's a toy for powerfull players in this game. And not the only one. Do you think CG 12 and such numbers come from one player on one account? Extremely rare. Current war is played by few players however you can see loads of charachters involved. Do the math. :)

Also, more you donate AND you are russian more 'benefits' you get but that is life i guess. Sooner you get used to it the better. We won't change anything, we can stop playing this game and that is it. I choose not to be bothered anymore about all the 'legal' cheating.

I understand Prozyk and other script users. I do not approve but i understand. If admins would really like to root out any cheating then Agressor and others toy charachters would be blocked, password sharing punished, bot cheaters would get a fine of minus guild points of whaterver guild they farmed but experience would remain. Maybe even system for TG, HG, MG like WG would be implemented. Max number of fights per day in a guild or something. Would be healthier for all of us also :)

But they don't REALLY want to stop cheater to cheat. Donations, donations, money money money. And it's ok, it's their game and we are milking cows. It's our fault really to let them do that. :) To me, they are bussines men. Pushing the limits to see how far will we go before leaving the game.
With the mention of cricket and personal discussions, this thread has really been derailed. It's probably not the most suitable discussion for the Q&H section. Closing this off as post 30 and the HWM Daily site address the original question about the script types.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "General game forum".
Unlocked and moved to General game forum.

Discussion about script use and consequences which comes with it is always welcome. Just don't use automatic scripts is the lesson that needs to be learned here. It costs way to much and for an ordinary non-donor player that could even mean end of their charachter.
Thanks edwin for letting the discussion continue!

It really shouldnt be a secret really that the people behind the accounts change all the time, even i know about it and i am not very involved in the game, the transfer battle control was already abused to high hell it shouldnt really surprise anyone that a handful of people are no lifer enough to be nips deep in the game.
Speaking of cheating, remember when LWM was up for best online game in Russia?(I think that was the category) We all voted our asses off only to be overtaken on the final day by massive cheating from the eventual winner.How lame.
I don't care how much money you have, if you have to cheat to win you are a loser.
so in the end, the administration unblocked more repeating felons.

task failed successfully.
Guys so I was looking at the player list and looked at the fines given out.

Out of the 27 players fined.
Super-Dragon seems to be giving substantial amount of gifts to players, sure I bet he has massive diamond donations so it would all be legal.

The artifacts he seems to be "handing out" and "receiving" for free is also a HUGE amount. They may be for inventory storage OR passing around arts to clan member for free. IDK so i am not going to assume.

HOWEVER, one thing is for sure.

List of 27 fined players and their MC ties and current balance
Super-Dragon - Ukraine (positive - huge diamond donation/huge gold balance before fine)

Legends7 - N/A (negative - 1st page transfer log shows item transfers with Super-Dragon)

_ - Ukraine (positive - huge diamond donation/huge gold balance before fine %
1st page transfer log shows item transfers with Super-Dragon)

AGRESSOR - Ginger Tail (negative - 1 million gift from Super-Dragon *4 million fine*)

Minette - N/A (negative - *JAILED*)

Goltihn - Sun Guard (positive - balance was 1.7mil before fine)

- Angels of Death (negative)

- Gray Coven (positive - lots of gifts from random ppl *hes a chat mod lol!*

Rick Sanchez - Jedi order (negative)

Snebar - N/A (negative *JAILED*)

Krisman - Bros of Steel (negative 40k - got himself out of negative by selling arts)

Idoctor - Hammer of Witch (positive - unjailed *no fines, maybe innocent*)

- Iron legion (negative)

Chosen_Undead - Iron legion (positive - 1.5mil gift from leader of iron legion)

Merfolk458 - Titans (positive - unjailed *no fines, maybe innocent*)

Addicted - N/A (positive - high balance/diamond donation before fined)

- Hammer of Witch (negative)

pfeebs - Warrior path (negative)
PoRoSeNoK147 - Hammer of Witch (positive - received 700k in gifts)

Lakis - N/A (positive - high balance pre fine)

Mirn - Titans (positive - diamond donation *he returned clan gifts saying no thx*)

_ - Hammer of Witch (positive - he was rich pre fine)

_Shuffler_ - N/A (positive - he was rich pre fine but decided to request bow block)

ProZyk - Ukraine (positive - 1.2million gold gift received from Super-Dragon)

Onlysmiles - N/A (negative *JAILED*)

Gott_Aussercontrol - Sun guard (Negative *jailed*)

Barbarian_Warrior - Gallery of shadows (positive *1 gold fine and warning only*)

To conclude, winning clans as below:
Hammer of Witch - 4
Ukraine - 3
Iron Legion - 2
Sun guard - 2
Titans - 2
Gray Coven - 1
Bros of Steel - 1
Jedi Order - 1
Angels of Death - 1
Gallery of shadows - 1
Interesting data:
- A chat mod was fined for scripting, he retained his chat mod status
- Super-Dragon gave out millions of gold in gift
- The trend is low level characters are abandoned, high levels are saved
- About 1 out of 5 players caught had UCIs
- Barbarian_Warrior wasn't jailed for scripting, but for password transfer *1gold fine*
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