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Are news (event announcments, game changes etc.) quick enough?


AuthorAre news (event announcments, game changes etc.) quick enough?
Hello all.

I would like to gather all complaints on how quick (late) news are posted and if you do mind if some news are not posted at all. Like clan reduction size which was never posted in .com

Don't hold back. Complaints will be forwarded to admins. It's not about quality of translations, we allready covered that. It's about speed and amount of news. For example where is news about MT?
News should be given at same time in .com as in .ru. If there is delay, better to post with Google Translator and amend later on when official translation is ready. If news are posted with Google Translator, there should be addition "translated with automatic translator" which is to be removed when official translation comes.
News should be released at the same time
I really dont understand where the problem is. Isnt it even easier to publish the announcement at the same time at both servers?

I think there has been several very good changes in this game recent years. Further improvement of news in com would be great!
There are pleny of players that speak Russian as a second/third language, they can translate correct + fast but on .com we are used to getting everything late.


If translating is the issue it should be something fast resolved but I reckon its more "lazyness" to do the effort of translating. Not meant in a bad way, we all love this game :).

Hire a hand full of people with english/Russian understanding, forward them the news one day ahead and you will get the correct translation within 24 hours. I think they'd even do it for free just to get a bit more connected to the RU site.

But then again, we don't know the reason this happens in delay.
News should be released at the same time, atleast the event mechanics.
NEWS released at same time. Pay translators more. If current translators fail to do their job, it is the translators fault. If it's the admins fault, then it's the admins fault. But translators should work with admins as well. Youre paid for that.

A lot big ego and stubborn russians. Get rid of em if they think they're bigger than us. We got good russian players who speak english who wont mind doing a little work for 50k gold a month or more.

Find someone else who is capable of doing the same thing and make sure they're paid well.

thats my two cents
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Player banned by moderator Edwin until 2026-12-06 09:32:48 // own request
MT translation was sent yesterday morning yet to be posted.
Lets be real, this process should have nothing to do with players and volunteers. Admins should be putting their hands in their pockets and paying for an actual translator.

Why they can't write 3 months news in advance, send it to a freelance translator for a couple of days pay and then release it on the planned schedule is a bit of a conundrum. This is how any other business would operate.

The cost of translation has plummeted, work can even be done on fiverr, mturk and similar. If the admins weren't so pedantic about the fantasy language and specific wording it could literally go through google translate and then somebody does a quick edit for grammar. The current process puts unnecessary stress/burden on the unpaid volunteers (game gold can't pay your rent)

Alternatively they could place a little more trust in the volunteers and give them the news well in advance to translate at their leisure on condition of secrecy. The risk of leaks is low and consequences small. It must be infuriating for the volunteers to be micromanaged and then told their work is too late or not up to scratch.
I think for me it takes no more then 10 minutes to translate from russian to english. It might not be that advanced yet, but i think its quite understandable.

I would be totally okay with receiving the Russian news 1 hour in advance and Just translate it right away.
So if you guys need any help on that part, feel free to hit me up.
MT announcement out, thanks
for Kunoichi_1:
Yes, it would not take much time to translate. But the problem is, the translator can't be online 24x7. Even if the translations are done quickly admins take too much time to post them on .com. We need someone like Arctic.
News should be released at the same time even if it's Google translated.

No point having a more "accurate" translation (by manual translators) if that means being announced in the middle of an event.

Save time for translators and admins as well.
for Acean:
Lets be real, this process should have nothing to do with players and volunteers. Admins should be putting their hands in their pockets and paying for an actual translator.

Why they can't write 3 months news in advance, send it to a freelance translator for a couple of days pay and then release it on the planned schedule is a bit of a conundrum. This is how any other business would operate.

That's the proper way to fix this problem. And it won't even cost them much...
Today vicky666 posted a topic with intention to send complaints/ultimatum to admins trough our contact with them. It was met with immediate negativity.

I do not know if you all realise how unimportant .com is to admins. It's a burden. If there was not for a translation team (not me, i resigned after so much hate but will help a friend) .com would get none announcment in english. Nothing. Not even translations of creatures abilities. You can imagine it like that: what you now see in english words would be replaced with cyrilic russian. Fun. .com is alive because of few enthusiast and two, three russian friends. That is all. Some of you and you know who are you tried your best to whine and bitch at every post from Mag, me or vicky666 or even merlin36. Some of you show understanding and great support for the work. Since none of us need that monthly pocket change we decided to stop. Who knows what will happen now. It's up to russian side, if they care. From my experience they do not.

What we all tried to tell you is this but discussion always turned to bad translations and slow work of TRANSLATORS which is more or less incorrect. No matter who would translate it, google, professional translator, God himself or you personaly, 2 days in advance news would not be posted because it's up to another person to post it. We can not. .com is that low on their priority list. We plead, beg, threaten but nothing happens. Vicky666 thread was the last attempt to give them some ultimatum and hurt their pockets which is the only thing they care about.

I think the remaining translators will do as i did and quit. As i said i do not know what will happen now, will there be any translations in the future or will they change their mind. I hope they will but i will understand if they won't.

To repeat what i said before. It's not only news. It's descriptions of arts, game buttons, everything that is not in cyrilic. No donations from .com would cause:
to continue:
a. admins start to pay attention
b. admins give up on .com and focus strictly on .ru and close .com

However with no trasnlation team you can expect that .com will be alive but half of text in cyrilic or even worse english than now.

So either you support vicky, mag and merlin36 and some other guys from EFL who help with translations or you don't. But then you have absolutley no right no complain. I hope you realise that.
and i apologize for bad english. I wrote this in a hurry. Ofc i'm not a native english speaker.
Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all of the negative comments you received regarding the speed of the translations. It's unfortunate that your work was underappreciated. (I suppose it's the same for most translators in real life.)

I understand your unwillingness to contribute further given the lack of concern from the admins and the abuse that some .com players gave you. Thank you Mellor, Mag, Vicky, and Merlin36 (and anyone else who's helped in the translation effort in the past) for all of the work you've done so far, and I hope that you'll be able to relax a bit more from now on.
admins pls send translations in advance
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