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#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^


Author#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^
I've had a discussion about expansion on chinese market

There was an active Chinese playerbase, the military clan Dragon slaughter had many Chinese players... Back in the days at least, now I'm not sure in which state it is.
for Усмешка:
Never have I ever used Reddit.. any pro users here ?

I will join the group on Reddit and post about LWM. I will let you know how they react.

Here is my post about the game on Reddit. Go to Reddit.com and search for HoMM, then join the group. Maybe some comments from our peeps will prompt some people to give the game a try.
for Marquis Thornwald:
Chinese playerbase
Do you think that it is necessary to translate the whole game to Chinese though?

for Modi:
Can't open the link .. is it the same as the one shared on Discord with an archaic screenshot ? hehe
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