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#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^


Author#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^
Why do people think they are software developers and know how to make the perfect game now? If you can make a better game then I welcome you to do it.
However these are the same suggestions that have been given countless times over many years. After multiple times of being told that this is a request for advertisement suggestions people still feel the need to add their opinion about other aspects of the game.

If you have an idea then create your post but stop ruining/flooding this one with useless information
For Lordfallen:

People get excited as this does not happen very often that someone from RU comes here to ask them to how to improve the game. Don't be to hard on them.

For Beliar:

So I'm assuming something went wrong with coding on .com? Thats unfortunate. Meaning adds on Facebook etc are not possible?

Then the only way is twitch/tiktok, as they are the way to go these days, but I doubt streaming 3 hours about LordsWM will make people consider it. I do however used to watch these big streamers play shooters/fighters and everytime when they had to wait for a game to start they were playing different small games inbetween. May sound weird but when you see a populair twitcher playing "LordsWM" while waiting for his shooter to start... I know for a fact that I always used to check these games out of curiousity. The twitcher can talk a little about the game options/built,...

Do we think of other options?
HoMM group on reddit has almost 10k members. Maybe throw something there?
for Arcanide:
I understand this but for them to help us we must help them. She has stated already these are not the answers she is looking for. Lets all help ourselves and stay on topic
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
I mean we couldnt really help much appart from giving some people to contact. So me personally i got carried away.
After multiple times of being told that this is a request for advertisement suggestions

advertisement suggestions are worthless if the current game issues stay unresolved. new people to the game would simply laugh and leave shortly after trying it.
If you have some semi-popular streamers for games like league of legends, who need 20 mins to wait in que for their next game and you have them play something like Lwm.com in between the ques, definetly will attract players.

Appart from that i dont see people getting excited about joining after seeing a twitch player only play Lwm )

I dont know if its possible but give small sponsorships to youtubers to add a 20 second ad about the game during their video. I'm sure most of you have seen ads like : Raids Shadow legend more than once watching youtube video's.
But like i said, i dont know how costly it is, might depend on the popularity of the youtuber.
In a way it would be nice for a beginner youtube maker to get a little sponsorship and its nice for us.
With the current state of the game mechanics no advertisement can get people in that would also stay. Even if you would run an ad of it during superbowl or 24/7 on national tv. This game's gaming mechanics are out of date. The way you are going is like trying to advertise for VCR, no one in their right mind would bother with wasting their time rewinding tapes. The biggest flaw in this game is that the game decides when and how much you can play. A player should decide when and how much they want to play. Even if you had the president of the united states advertising this game it would not net any people. Every new person that would check this game would leave pretty soon if not the exact same day. Everyone here must have nephews and nieces in their teens or other family members in their teens, go try getting any of them into this game, after a short while practically none of them will stay in this game.
Again, this isnt asking how effective you believe advertising will be. Its asking for advertising suggestions. We finally get .ru side to begin to listen to us and people cant even answer the question being asked. Nothing but spam will just get us ignored.

Back to the topic at hand:
Another great advertisement is the people who already play this game so increase the rewards for recruiting people. The 30% level up reward seems reasonable but there needs to be a new recruiter set with better stats. Right now its useless and merely just extra gold after struggling to sell.
for lord fallen:
Perhaps new mechanism all together.
Yeah keep ignoring what's right in your face. Here is the best advertisement then: Everyone here must have nephews and nieces in their teens or other family members in their teens, go try getting any of them into this game. But you can't can you because practically none of them will keep playing this game. Since best advertisement is word of mouth but even that will hardly yield any results.
Nothing is being ignored. I am on your side. I want change as much as everyone else. Everyone has their opinion on how to make this game better but the question was suggestions for advertisements. Like I said it will only help us to stay focused
Lets face it. Admins are looking to do next to no work here and this is why they are requesting the help of cheap streaming services. The most that will realistically happen is they will pay a streamer virtual game currency to make videos about the game. They will not be spending any physical money nor will developers be involved
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
How about an official discord? It's trendy for games to do it nowadays and could add visibility to the game. In my mind it's a bit redundant with the in game forum but some people love it.

for lord fallen:
You are not being consistent.
First: THANK YOU ALL for your input! I personally value it a LOT!

Second: Terribly sorry to keep you waiting!! In order to provide better feedback I had to consult and discuss all the issues raised above with different departments of the game: moderators, top players, keepers, Daily management, etc. I urge you all to read through all my comments (not too much text anyway, hehe)

Third: This is a never-ending discussion, yet I wish and sincerely hope that there will be some overall improvements made. Chin up!

for Another Player:

There is no need to worry about the copyright infringement. I am more than 100% sure that before launching the game that has been heavily based on a famous game series by such a giant as Ubisoft, our beloved admins have consulted a legal team of experts.

for Harrriiiharan:

I would say that additional technical support to this game is not needed. Intuition is the best guide: go to Market post a lot sell an item. Tavern games are easy to grasp after few rounds. Smiths guild got all the info provided. Pretty much every item in the game has a short description to it.

I do agree that once in a while there might be some questions outside the box, yet they can be asked either on the Forum (Queries and help feed) or in the Chat (Inquiry room).

Totally agree with your conclusion that this game is not for everyone. I do not know a single game that would satisfy everyone. As I always say: it is a shitty lock that can be opened by any key, haha

As per the interview held with one of the admins back in the beginning of 2021, the mobile app will be launched. The exact date of the release is yet unknown, but it is coming!

for latviesu lords:

Oh my oh my, arent there already a bit too many things to do for lower levels in the game? Theres an interactive quest available as early as one reaches level 3. Watchers' guild and Adventurers' guild become available at 3d level as well. From 5th level one can take part in myriads of events as well as Mercenaries' guild and Leaders' Guild. I believe it is more than enough. As per Maximus (aka the Gladiator): Are you not entertained?

for Arcanide and Koka Kokic and everyone who supported Discord/Skype idea:

The information about the Guilds have been updated and in no time it would be uploaded to the About the game page. Indeed, there are some screenshots that are outdated, I have passed along with info and I was told that they would be amended accordingly. As per info about the events there is sufficient information being provided upon the launch of the event itself. It would be nearly impossible to add info about the events in the about the game section since they tend to have different mechanics and to keep this info updated would be a tricky task.

Regarding the how to build character query, it is well written on Daily. I have contacted the Father of Daily and he has preliminary agreed to cooperate in order to translate the most useful info/widgets to English.

Forum feed Queries and help is pretty active and each and every player can leave their question there that would be defo answered.

I have discussed the possibility of adding Discord to the game with upper management and was informed that due to lack of handling/controlling it is unlikely that it would be implemented. Yet, players can take the initiative in their own hands and create discord channels, chat, share experience and just get to know each other more. P.S. my Skype login is ysmewka and discord link is https://discord.gg/28F3sDxd (oh may I not be punished for sharing it, haha!)

for slayerofall:

Id say there is plenty of things to do in the game realm. One might fully engage in guilds grinding. Some players dont have enough time to even complete 10 combats, hehe. Therefore, two (or more) events simultaneously simply wont work.

for Merciless:

I will see what I can do about decreasing the entry to Leaders guild. Cant promise anything, but I will try. And since you are such a huge fan of it, why not advertising it yourself on some fan-forums, haha? Each players input is a valuable advertisement as it is.

for Acean:

1.Indeed, but there are still tons of players enjoying Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with their outdated graphics from previous era. There is a growing tendency to fancy Sega and Nintendo games, hence going back to ones roots
2.Be rest assured, all the disputes have been settled
3.If admins were happy to run the game as is why bother with adding new mobs, updating Commanders guild, creating Saving winter, etc etc.?

for mellor:

What would be your suggestion in order to keep the players in the game? There are so many new events added, the guilds are being constantly updated, there are days dedicated to certain aspect of the game to be honest, I have been in this game for over 10 years and I feel overwhelmed by the number of activities one can engage in as of today! So overwhelmed to the point that my main (and only focus) is the Mercenaries' guild and Im pretty happy about it, haha

As per nasty Russian players, yeah, Russians are not really known for their hospitality and amiability, but please DO file complaints! Players are being punished and justice will prevail! >_<

for Calamity:

Time zones is indeed an interesting topic to discuss. Im currently +5h from Moscow time and I do sometimes find it annoying, to say the least, that timing in the game differs from the one on my laptop. I will see what I can do about it.

Survilurgs are loved by no one, haha! In the 2021 interview even admin himself did say that he is not a fan of them. Maybe at some point in time, they will be abolished altogether. I dont think I should raise a question of their extermination, or should I? haha

IMHO, there is no point in merging .ru and .com forums. Do I miss something? Would love to hear from you!

I urge you to file complaint in the Forum feed. Every single application is being evaluate
for Calamity:

I urge you to file complaint in the Forum feed. Every single application is being evaluated and those rude bastards (delete players) are punished. First punishment is 1k gold, 6th punishment is 100k gold 8th punishment is permanent blocking of the player. As much some Russians love to insult others, yet gold they love more, haha

Those scripts are being created without admins supervision, if so to say. Hence they acquire the status of semi-illegal. No one really prohibits their usage, yet they cant be officially linked in the game either.

for Lawton:

In the Artifact shop one can simply purchase Abu-Bakir's Charm which significantly decreases the waiting time and provides additional percs and advantages. Also guilds boosts are gems, IMHO. Btw, the wait for Hunts has been already reduced after Ive raised this question to the upper management. You see, they do listen, oh merciful Admins! ^_^

for Kunoichi_1:

Lordswm is packed with mini notes and description on what to do, where to go, how to achieve, etc etc. I personally do not think that one can get lost and dwell around doing idk what, haha. As per the chatting part, one can reach level 3 in a matter of hours, therefore it is not long since a player can actually enjoy some level of interaction on the Forum.

Facebook ad, as per the info that Ive received, was not a smart financial investment.

I would highly appreciate your help in pointing out the google translated info. Please send me DM at any time and Ill do everything in my power (of a small potato, as we say in China) in order to perfect the translation and make it optimal ^.^

for Dennis0000:

1.What exactly would you propose to change in the mechanics of the game? I am all ears
2.No one pushes players to read essays, they are more than welcome to go out there and try for themselves. If any questions arise, those essays would cover pretty much every aspect of the game in great detail for further questions not to arise.
3.There are other ways to increase ones wealth in the game realm, not just by inputting codes on an hourly basis.
4.Grinding is important indeed. One can not be the best of the best by simply conducting 10 battles a day only. Those who invest more time in the game would be more powerful than those who are not as active. Simple logic, in my opinion. No?

for Botmun:

Tutorials sound like a good idea, yet there is not enough manpower to implement it. And as Ive mentioned previously, it can be initiated by one of the existing players. Admins already have enough on their plate with coding.

Queries and help section in the Forum should be more than enough for players in need of help and support. If active players are willing to help outside the game realm, they can share their discord links on their own accord. And maybe they can share their reference link and earn gold + diamonds for being mentor/consultant.

for Murali:

I have discussed this issue with some other players and weve agreed that abolishing the percs of grinding would be unfair, to say the least. Can you imagine, you spend darn many hours in the game, perfecting and advancing in numerous guild and in the end of the day, you would be having same stats as someone who plays on Saturdays only fair? I dont think so
for :
I can agree with point 2 since players can learn more intuitively and refer to the section when needed.

For #3, yes there are other ways of increasing wealth but new joiners start with nothing. All my friends/relatives that have tried the game never make it pass lvl5 because they can only afford to hunt and play with hunter broadswoard. idk how many times one would have to enroll to afford proper equipments for them to enjoy other aspect of games.

For #4, grinding is important but I agree with Murali thatisolating/minimising guild system (stats grind) away from PvP experience of the game would help alot of players stay for longer time. Why force players to grind these mindless guilds when they simply wanna enjoy PvP? Yes, group battle is an option, but as i've said it only weakens your character and eventually forces player to quit because they will simply become incompetent in other aspects of the game. As Murali mentioned, these guild benefits can be utilised in events, not PvP.

I hope this answer #1 :)
Double posting cause i didn't notice the comment on Murali's suggestion haha

Can you imagine, you spend darn many hours in the game, perfecting and advancing in numerous guild and in the end of the day, you would be having same stats as someone who plays on Saturdays only fair?

It's a fair justification, but surely there are way more people who can only play on Saturdays than those that play 24 hours per day. If the admins prefer to reward those who can play 24/7, then they will only attract those who can commit 24/7 to the game.
for :
Well they didnt like enrolling all day to do 1 battle in max arts :D

for Murali:

I have discussed this issue with some other players and weve agreed that abolishing the percs of grinding would be unfair, to say the least. Can you imagine, you spend darn many hours in the game, perfecting and advancing in numerous guild and in the end of the day, you would be having same stats as someone who plays on Saturdays only fair? I dont think so

That is to be expected. Why would someone want to give away advantages just like that. And admins would never do it anyways cause. That is what their monetizing revolves around. For me - i could care less about those garbage guilds but im forced to play them if i want to have any damn fun in pvp. And quite frankly cg can be very toxic indeed. Now i cant even play cg unless i want to throw my computer out the window. So naturally i dont even play only guild for which im even here lol.
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