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#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^


Author#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^
Hey hey there, Lords and Ladies!

During our New Years contests, the lollies were distributed among same group of 20-25 players. And even though I have nothing against people developing diabetes (especially after the festive season), yet I would be twice as happy to see more faces on .com server by the time the new celebration/big day hits.

Few suggestions have been raised on how to attract fresh blood, one of which was advertising by YouTube streamers or something similar.

Hence, I would like to ask for your opinion on who can be the best streamer to approach? Anyone you follow personally, anyone youve heard of, anyone you can recommend?

If there are other means to advertise this game that you might find suitable, please do share them with me via Private mail with a subject #MakeLWMGreatAgain

I would highly appreciate any input from your side!

Cherio and have a lovely gaming experience !

It is very hard to advertise this game on the English side because it is a copy of a fairly famous game series, Heroes of Might and Magic. See the link here: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes_of_Might_and_Magic. (I hope you don't mind if I send you the Russian link.)

The units mainly come from the fifth game in the series. The knight units can be found here, for example: http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes5/haven_creatures.shtml

Maybe you already know this. Many players became interested in this game because it features similar gameplay.

As a result, it may not be legal for this game to be advertised widely on the English side. Perhaps the administrators of this game could tell you more.

It's unfortunate, really, because it would be nice to see more .com players. I don't have any suggestions right now. :(
for Another Player:
You have a point, yet I am pretty sure that the copyright issues have been already dealt with by the legal team ;) For instance, the name of the game is not "Heroes of Might and Magic", haha. And indeed I am one of those players who have joined mainly because of my fav game ^_^

Thank you for your input anyways! If any idea pops up in your head (no matter how crazy it might sound), please do share with us/me ^_^
Well one thing I noticed, the game is not just a game that everyone would prefer playing tbh. It requires a specific type of interest and commitment to play, and not everyone has the time to do so. Maybe even if we do somehow convince them into joining the game, I highly doubt that the person would go more than level 2 or 3 to find the game is not for them.

The set of rules are a little ridiculous and not everyone would find it fun for a game.

The only way to have a decent strong character without spending years to develop is by donating, which I think most wouldn't do so.

The game has alot of things to understand, for each type of guild and also the type of strategies, not to mention the way the market works, smiths and how tavern is played.

Conclusion: Not everyone would find this game, their type.
for Harrriiiharan:
Not everyone would find this game, their type.
Truly ! To each his own though, right? Some players would fully engage in PvP, some would prefer to do quests, some would go for events and some would spend all their gold in roulette, haha
for Harrriiiharan:
Exactly. I had over 20 friends playing this game. Guess what. Thers are 2 of us left. And other guy plays very rare.
And im here only by chance.
I personnaly think the "about the game" info new players get, needs to get a reboot. Its old, not correct and doesn't show what this game can all be about.

We need more info about events, pvp tournies and how to built a charachter. This is what attracts players (mainly the pvp thing).

Whenever I introduce a new player to the game, they quickly stop when they see the battle info in "about the game". Those are screenshots from a decade ago and make it look "boring".

I do not believe a streamer will do the tric at this moment, however some advertising would be better. Among players whom love a real time game, like PVP or just just the PVE content.

Overall I would start with making the "about the game" info look more "inviting". When a game looks dead, people don't bother to even start. Include info about events (we have so many!!), projects from the admins, donation info, UCI, PVP.. Give them a link to a few English MCs (or a forum link to the alliance page) and show them that among these many Russian clans, a few brave English MC's are still trying to get in the top. If new players get a good introduction, they will stay. Once they get into one of the MC's (discord/skype), they will most likely stay. Our community may not be big but we pride ourselfs by helping each other (even thou we like to banter eachother aswell).

A little extra:
Perhaps when a player starts on .com, sent them a welcome message from the "big" English MC's with a few discord/Skype links. This way we avoid that players stop after a week because of the "lack of having a friend.

Every step is a step in the right direction.
I personnaly think the "about the game" info new players get, needs to get a reboot.
Have you considered the fact that majority of new players completely skip that section until they realize there is stats in there that will be useful for them? Even still most players never look at that until they become slightly competitive. I do not believe updating the pictures will make people stay. They upgraded the log in page years ago and while I dont have the numbers I would have to say it didnt increase activity much at all, if any.
Whats wrong with overall game interface updates.
the game is quite outdated. only a select few enjoy the type of game this is. too much wait time in between mg, hunts etc. and a a certain point it isnt good for your character to play those types of modes anymore if you want to be competitive in pvp. then you get into pvp and realise that pvp is just 1 big coinflip of luck morale and rng abilities. i have played a ton of CG games last year and what 80% of them boiled down to was does the elf hit luck blind morale? luck and morale on other units and just blow someone out? does the 3 morale knight with ferver hit morale 5 times in row with gaurdians and just win? too many broken mechanics in pvp that are quite unfun and require 0 skill. just coinflip fear blind stun luck and morale and you win.

outside of this point there should always be something to do. how hard is it to cycle through insight tournaments again so people can play other factions that they dont normally get to? how hard is it to have other tournaments up and cycling at the same time? this game could be really great if they just had enough different things to do on this game to keep their players occupied. im fed up with pvp atm so what is there for me to do? 10 event battles a day? type a code sometimes, press auto in leg? then i go play something else and what happens when people go play something else? they eventually spend less time playing and potentially leave.
for slayerofall:
I couldnt agree more. This game had been merely a side game for years for me apart from the actual games i play on PC or mobile. Its about time the admins introduce a new way or a new format to the games that is updated to the current market and trends. Me, spending time on google chrome or safari, just makes this game a little less convenient as well
When advertising, it IS key important to mention, that LWM is in fact closely connected to Might & Magic world, however I would make an emphasize on its RP aspects, many of which are unique (like recently introduced shares, for example).

Also, we got a much underrated (imo) gem named Leaders' Guild. The fact you can collect and later - command almost ANY existing creatures in the game world, uniting them under ONE banner, could be very tempting to try it out, if presented correctly.

(Too bad LG's entry is quite difficult as it is now. I would also suggest some changes, but it's already a call to the devs).
I think too many suggestions are trying to improve the game itself. It's not that it can't be improved, but to me it seems this topic is trying to address the difference in popularity between the Russian and the English sites. The game is (mostly) the same, yet one is much more popular. From that point of view, I think Arcanide is onto something. The initial presentation of this game seems a bit misleading, and the English community is more active on discord/skype than on the forums.
for :
Is this your iniciative? Curious to know.

for slayerofall:
You should address admins directly for this?
Pleased to see a bit of discussion around this, historically the game has been very difficult to promote. It was advertised in the anglosphere in years gone by however there was no payoff for the costs involved

There are 3 problems, some of which have already been mentioned:

1. The game is extremely niche/unlike other games (and from a previous era)

2. The HOMM thing (I think ubisoft issued a cease and desist notice early in the games history to not infringe IP however the details of this have always been limited)

3. The admins are happy to run the game 'as is' as a lifestyle business and aren't looking for aggressive growth.

The game interface has actually improved significantly in the past few years including a rework in the 'about the game' section mentioned above. It is still pretty old school and there is no getting away from it but there has been good progress.

I would love to see this advertised and streamers are a good idea. The flavour of the day is youtubers/tiktok/twitch.
I would love to see this advertised and streamers are a good idea. The flavour of the day is youtubers/tiktok/twitch
Glad you see the effectiveness of this idea too. There is an on-going joke that kids will watch a YouTube streamer play a game more than they play it themselves! They are clearly very very influential and can bring much attention to this game

3. The admins are happy to run the game 'as is' as a lifestyle business and aren't looking for aggressive growth
According to the message I received from smile about her discussion with upper management they arent nearly as interested in seeing this side grow as smile is.

This discussion is already dead
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
+1 about the daily website. It's a huge part of the game that's very unfriendly to .commers.
Original game is for adults, this game is for adults, quitters are usually minors who 1st they mess up with their characters and then realize how it's played.
Make it strictly for adults. :p

Time Zones!
You can't have active people globally when you limit your prime time in one zone.
You can't have survilurgs only at the time the other half of the world is sleeping, they are left outside.
As the matter of fact I don't want survilurgs at all, making a game feel like an obligatory job automatically loses it's fun purpose.
Survilurgs sure can change or even stop existing at all.

Same goes about events, I see no fun if I can't complete them so not starting them at all anymore.

I know some will say whatever, but I am a working woman who also keeps all of her household, cooking cleaning shopping etc, so yes, my time is not enough, and surely won't spent all my free time on one game.

Those are the things that make me and others like me inactive while I log in everyday. :D

.com will never be like .ru, like it or not .com is not a unit like .ru under a same culture and behaviors.

I would prefer another merge of servers and forum with the option to have it in english or russian.
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