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#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^


Author#Make LWM GreatAgain ! ^_^
some are really nasty when they see someone from .com

Yep, this does apply for comers too, I'll never play duo, I have no appetite for insults or whatever.
I would love to not have open chats in battles too. :D

Also, without skype, discord etc. this game for an average .commer is a total disaster. It's like an ordinary spanish guy is thrown in the middle of moscow and we expect him to enjoy all the perks of the city. With no tour guide, with no friends, with no language skills.

Before a new guy finds out about other .commers it might be too late and he quits.

That, daily could be more help, active links inside the game who will take you there wherever you want.

I know this is not what you asked, but enable all useful scripts that already running, like timers sets etc, game is really another level with those enabled.
There are plenty of interesting debates to have but I feel like a lot of it is missing the fact that this thread is looking for actual streamers to contact or suggest other means to promote the game (like facebook adds or wathever... Does it exist in Russia? I heard you have popular alternatives for social media).

I would gladly suggest people but I'm too old fashionned to know any.

I think the time zone comment is interesting and pertinent as a key difference between this server and .ru though, probably something worth digging to make the game more accessible worldwide.
for Koka Kokic:
As far as i know its also voluntary. So im happy we get something at all
for latviesu:
Me too. I'm not demanding anything, but if we're talking how to make the game more popular among the rest of the world then I think it's worth looking at. I make do with google translate and my Slavic roots :)
Huge THANKS to all of you for your input !

I will read it more closely, sum up all the information in this feed and discuss it tomorrow with my beloved husband first. In case clarification is needed, I would ask additional questions in this feed.

Yet, I must bring your attention back to the main issue of this feed: advertisement on non-ru platforms. Any thoughts (apart from Facebook and streaming platforms)?

However , all your suggestions won't be left unnoticed (at least by me, that is something I can totally guarantee) ^_^

Moreover, my Private mail is open to each and every one of you who would like to send me a DM.

May the odds be ever in your favour ;)
We are now in 2022, unfortunately this game's mechanism isn't for these times anymore, it hasn't been for some years now. The game's mechanism I am talking about is where one has to wait 40 minutes before being able to do another hunt, wait a full hour before being able to thief again after a loss. Even has to wait fifteen minutes after a loss before one is able to do any other battle. Even walking between two spots takes 2 minutes or more. This kind of gameplay has no merit anymore when we are in an age where there are millions of games to choose from and more coming out every day. Nobody in their right mind would start playing this game, all there is left are the players that have played this for years that become less and less every year.

To make LWM great again all they have to do is remove those time restraints. As a player you should be able to decide when and how much you want to play, not the other way around. This game is like being handcuffed and tied to a pole when playing it. If I would like to do thieving for hours until I decide to stop, then I should be able to do so. Same goes for hunting or mercenary quest etc. This game's mechanism is only fit for elderly people in a retirement home.
The game mechanics are the game mechanics, no need into changing that to much. Its how the game is.

The idea's and suggestions of revamping the about the game section looks more ideal. If you join a game that is actually this massive, but you have

A. nobody to talk to because you can't even post on forum untill lvl 3 ( so you just dwell around doing idk what)
B. All the info you find is so overwhelming and not entirely well written, or even incomplete on the most interesting parts

Would you join it?

I like the idea of getting in direct contact with a discord/skype group of the MC's. Doesnt have to be from a millitary clan thou, maybe just make an overall english discord server where everyone can join and promote their own things/clans/event battles etc.

When you signup you get a private message; " Greetings Lord, To enjoy this game to its optimal potential feel free to join this discord server to connect with everyone els."
Being a general .com discord server or a MC discord.

The above is if players manage to find this game.

To promote new .com players just make small Ad's. Not much, just a 20 second ad about some different perspectives, trow that on facebook like any other mobile game or browser game and you'll get new people. Doesnt have to be much, just a small video of some random actions/events/extra zooms etc ;p

The easy part is to Lure new people, the hard part is get them engaged on the game and community.
If not for the community i think we would have only 10% of our active .com players still playing. But if you're new, it is impossible to find this community at this moment.
Sorry for the double post but to respond on post 17:

Yep I have been actively trying to help with the translations on all parts, since thats whats most important but so far i dont get much response. + everyone is to fixated on old 'wrong' terms and to afraid to correct them to the right translations)

Translating everything as optimal as possible is essential, is it daily website or is it about game section doesnt matter. But if you join a game with no or bad translations you dont stay. When all information you find is in russian, but in google translated version for english? You dont read it.
The game mechanics are the game mechanics, no need into changing that to much. Its how the game is

this right here is the problem. this topic is how to broadcast this game to attract more people and the current game mechanics do the EXACT opposite of this goal. without a dramatic overhaul of the basic mechanics of the game this game will continue on its steady decline until all thats left is people too stubborn to quit
Yet, I must bring your attention back to the main issue of this feed: advertisement on non-ru platforms. Any thoughts (apart from Facebook and streaming platforms)?
For the people that think people join games to talk to people, you do know that we are in an age where social media is dominant and nobody is joining a game for the sole reason to talk to or bond with? A game is joined for exactly what the term of it describes: to play it since it is a game. And the current gaming mechanism is geriatric, you can keep on denying it all you want and play three monkeys with it, but the declining playerbase show the facts. Try introducing this game to a teenager, when he sees the waiting time between the combats he will laugh in your face and even find you dumb for playing it. With tons of consoles and mobile games, one will never in their right mind choose this game over any of those.
You can get people here but the hard thing is to keep them here
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
First, change the game mechanics before advertising. Otherwise players will only join and quit before they even reach lvl5 lol.

New joiners will not read pages of essay about the game, they just wanna join and play.

Then imagine joining the game and having to type some meaningless codes every hour just so you can afford some cheap and weak weapons for you to play battles. THey probably quit before they earn enough to buy a wooden sword.

Some will create lots of accounts and have illegal transfers and get blocked lol.

Say you are patient enough and accumulate enough money to buy arts. Unfortunately if you are not aware of the game mechanics and end up playing 10 group battles per day, you'll eventually have a weak character to the point that you can't do well in other aspect of the game. Next, you quit.

Only a few players will stay after going through the above process. And even if you persevere till here, you will still get bored due to reasons mentioned in #26.
There are a lot of things to address, but I will stay on the topic of the thread. Few of these have already been mentioned above.

1. Advertising on different types of platforms. (Short ads as Kunoichi suggested above)

2. An official YouTube and Instagram handle for .com - Can add different types of videos and make different playlists (such as tutorials for a newbie, game updates, general info stuffs like how to proceed with character development, etc)

I believe this will also attract players to promote game through their own YouTube channels by posting videos related to game stuffs. Maybe give them small incentives or something.

3. An option called 'Consult a veteran/ Get a mentor' for players below level 10. -
Once a new player joins, they are clueless about how to proceed in the game. Having someone to consult will always make things easier. Maybe we can collect a group of players together who are up to help newbies.
Once advertising starts, players will join for sure. Challenge is in keeping them here. Game is really slow at the start and start plays a crucial role as well.

1st one will bring new players and 2nd and 3rd will help them face the challenges in the starting stage of the game and might prevent them from getting bored.

First thing to do is to keep current players interested in the game.
This is really important. Game will get worse if most of the old players leave.

These were my thoughts, I am sure things can modified and made better.
I think there are 2 main pillars we should look at.

1) First is how-to-get-new-players. How to advertise and where. My question concerning this is, does the game advertise in RU? How? Does it work? If yes, how can we use this to our advantage on .com? Any tips/tricks? Where do the "new" RU players come from? I'm curious as I think the number of online players hasn't decreased as much as I would have thought 5 years ago. Any examples?

2) Second is how-to-keep-new players. Last few months there were a few "new" starters, that got to the game due to chance or by friends. I talked to a few of them and yes when they can't find any other .comies they search the "about a game section" as the majority of players they encounter are RU. New players have A LOT of questions but nowhere to turn to.

All new .com players should receive a standard mail as stated above with the discord/skype link of a combined community of experienced players. This way they can find fellow commies right from the start. They can ask/questions, get advice, and so their journey hopefully continues...

There is no point in getting new players if we can't keep those that do start new.
for Arcanide:
Contextual advertising.
Unfortunately, due to problems with the interface this option is not available for the English-speaking segment of the Internet.
My personal opinion is that the game has some hidden treasures. According to me those are:

1. The tactics of PvP battles: This is my favorite part of the game and I always consider it to be its greatest strength. Yes, a lot of it can be said to be about luck and specific triggers occurring at the right time but in my approach to become a competent PvP player, I try to account for those triggers and choose my positioning accordingly. I admit sometimes there is no option for counterplay, but those possibilities should be achievable by all adversaries. eg. If you find unicorn blind and luck so unfair then go play elf and try it, it will seem less unfair. Same thing for barb's meatiness or Dark demon which many claim is OP. Play them yourself then and you will see.

2. The unique flavors of different factions and their classes: Add into this their racial abilities and talents. We love variety and we love fantasy elements of being a dark elf or necromancer. The game has a recipe for incredible gameplay and story to highlight and showcase these, but they are underutilized because most of the faction/class specifics are tied to only in-battle consequences. Outside of battle there is nothing to distinguish these classes from one another. I haven't come up with specific ways to achieve an out-of-battle experience yet, but I believe the game needs to go into a direction where it is made more immersive to players by elevating these existing elements.

3. The game is old but has a loyal player base. Maybe we are losing players on .com side and .ru side. But that can be said for any game. The moment it is introduced, it has to peak at some point within a span of few years and then it will inevitably decline because the market is always expanding. There will always be newer games with better graphics and better gameplay in 2025 compared to the objectively best game of 2021. The game from 2021 can only compete by offering something unique and that cannot be graphics. For this game from 2008, I feel we are doing incredible.

Honest opinion: The streamers that have been suggested multiple times before can perhaps get someone to open this game and try it for ONE DAY OR TWO, but I highly doubt the game has enough spark to keep them coming back. The problem is that most of the cool stuff happens at higher levels, and it takes so much grind to just be near competent. That is a place where this game needs to rethink. It's so easy to say, "reduce the grind," but it won't make the game immediately enticing, but rather I know for a fact that it is a surefire way to anger the player base who have diligently achieved their competitive stats. So, it's complicated. Well, everything is good or bad depending on who's asking and who's listening. These are my thoughts.
Personally I feel isolating/minimising guild system (stats grind) away from PvP experience of the game would help alot of players stay for longer time. Things like ELO restrictions can be used to match similar rating players in games. For PvE enthusiast, the guild benefits can be utilised in events .

Popular games like fortnight, dota2 work around this concept where earning comes from astectics rather then gameplay itself.

If some of these points are addressed before actual advertising then it would save some time and effort.

On side note, there is why too much text in about the game page. Why not add videos introducing each fraction, guilds in it ?
Back in the day network bandwidth used to be limitation but it's hardly the case nowadays.
Game most definetly needs more exciting stuff at lower levels.
None of friends i have recruited didnt get higher than lvl7.
Considering sucess rates of advertising. idk how good it would be without mobile app. If i wanted casual game to play, i wouldnt even consider looking on browser options now.
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