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Battles per day counter09.17, 10:413#7490Meshy09.18, 13:08, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
[2018.09.17] Day of the Blessing09.17, 00:0014Empire09.17, 11:18, by #276Бездарный перс
[2018.09.16] Day of New Hunts09.16, 00:007Empire09.16, 00:57, by Ipsen
[2018.09.15] Day of Tribals09.15, 00:007Empire09.15, 17:55, by #7490kakan
[2018.09.14] Paycheck Day09.14, 00:003Empire09.14, 00:56, by Omar Contreras
41st Minor tournament++08.30, 08:05179#4201virtual_vitrea09.13, 08:58, by Expert_BOT
all facilities gone?09.13, 06:162#4201virtual_vitrea09.13, 06:24, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[2018.09.13] Day of Watchers09.13, 00:004Empire09.13, 06:20, by #7490Mammary
Update in Mercenaries' guild09.12, 20:278Shiningstarr09.12, 20:47, by #7490Meshy
Mines and production facilities are gone !!09.12, 13:0412Saira09.12, 16:02, by FredySky
[2018.09.12] Day of the Falcon09.12, 00:0030Empire09.12, 15:52, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
[2018.09.11] Day of Clan Bonuses09.11, 00:004Empire09.11, 11:20, by #4201Calamity
Ring of cold09.10, 10:3910#4201virtual_vitrea09.10, 22:24, by #7490Meshy
King of Viper Venom Elements09.10, 18:584Royji100909.10, 20:04, by PapaBone
[2018.09.10] Day of Haste09.10, 00:006Empire09.10, 06:56, by Galabar
[HWM Daily] Service updates09.08, 22:077spartak14209.09, 15:00, by #4201Calamity
[2018.09.09] Day of Quick Tournaments09.09, 00:0013Empire09.09, 13:06, by Omar Contreras
[2018.09.08] Day of the Commander09.08, 00:0016Empire09.08, 17:12, by Ipsen
[2018.09.07] Day of fighting with pirates.09.07, 00:1333grif09.07, 23:57, by Ipsen
Should the Cost of Chaos Branch in Demons be lowered?09.05, 21:2522Ipsen09.06, 16:31, by #4201Calamity
[2018.09.06] Day of Safe Passing09.06, 00:005Empire09.06, 00:17, by Aurelija
[2018.09.05] Day of the Builder09.05, 00:0012Empire09.05, 14:53, by ProZyk
[2018.09.04] Day of Hauling09.04, 00:0010Empire09.04, 17:11, by #7490Meshy
[2018.09.03] Day of Teleporting09.03, 00:0020Empire09.03, 22:37, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
Campaign difficulty algorithm is an unfair dynamic long term09.02, 17:0718#1209Lord MilesTeg09.03, 17:01, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
[2018.09.02] Day of Group Battles09.02, 00:0034Empire09.02, 22:22, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[2018.09.01] Day of the Tracker09.01, 00:008Empire09.01, 17:31, by #9595merlin36
update dwarf/tribal castle08.31, 10:592#1597Issy40408.31, 13:36, by Ipsen
[2018.08.31] Day of Dwarves08.31, 00:004Empire08.31, 12:22, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
[2018.08.30] Parading Day08.30, 00:007Empire08.30, 18:22, by Wonderla

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