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[2018.12.26] Day of Haste12.26, 00:0010Empire12.26, 13:31, by The One Ring
Old and New year Chinese horoscope symbolic hunts - A new cycle begins12.25, 22:285Heroman12.26, 00:09, by Ipsen
Hunting for Grinch12.25, 15:521FredySky12.25, 15:52, by FredySky
[2018.12.25] Day of Hauling12.25, 00:005Empire12.25, 00:04, by techy
42nd Minor Tournament++12.07, 10:3373techy12.24, 16:13, by Expert_BOT
[2018.12.24] Day of Helpful Hunters12.24, 00:0015Empire12.24, 16:10, by #7705Elrond
[2018.12.23] Day of the Mercenary12.23, 00:0012Empire12.23, 18:15, by Damight
[2018.12.22] Day of Clan Bonuses12.22, 00:003Empire12.22, 14:23, by #1209latviesu lords
[2018.12.21] Day of the Tracker12.21, 00:006Empire12.21, 14:59, by The One Ring
[Event] Smugglers12.12, 10:33251Psyco12.20, 13:57, by Ipsen
[2018.12.20] Day of Laziness12.20, 00:001Empire12.20, 00:00, by Empire
[2018.12.19] Day of New Hunts12.19, 00:001Empire12.19, 00:00, by Empire
[2018.12.18] Day of the Falcon12.18, 00:0016Empire12.18, 21:49, by BloodyOrchid
[2018.12.17] Day of Helpful Hunters12.17, 00:009Empire12.17, 23:27, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
[2018.12.16] Day of the Adventurer12.16, 00:0016Empire12.16, 19:36, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
[2018.12.15] Day of Leasing12.15, 00:007Empire12.15, 14:35, by #1597Issy404
[2018.12.14] Day of Gambling12.14, 00:002Empire12.14, 00:01, by grif
[Diamond sale] Winter offer12.13, 10:4217#7490Meshy12.13, 19:47, by #7490Neon10
[2018.12.13] Day of Duels12.13, 00:005Empire12.13, 16:31, by #7153MagDonald
[2018.12.12] Day of the Mercenary12.12, 00:009Empire12.12, 20:51, by #4201Corey
[2018.12.11] More-Bang-for-Buck Day12.11, 00:002Empire12.11, 13:47, by Ipsen
[2018.12.10] Day of Watchers12.10, 00:005Empire12.10, 03:02, by #7490Meshy
[2018.12.09] Day of Group Battles12.09, 00:0022Empire12.09, 22:26, by The One Ring
[2018.12.08] Day of Helpful Hunters12.08, 00:0016Empire12.08, 20:29, by Omar Contreras
[2018.12.07] Day of Quick Battles12.07, 00:005Empire12.07, 17:47, by #1209FearMyArmy
42nd Minor tournament ++12.07, 10:321Mega Demon12.07, 10:32, by Mega Demon
[2018.12.06] Day of the Falcon12.06, 00:0011Empire12.06, 03:36, by #1209latviesu lords
[2018.12.05] Day of Feisty Labourers12.05, 00:0046Empire12.06, 00:00, by Omar Contreras
Cult of the Sun11.28, 17:48166#9595Acean12.05, 11:10, by ProZyk
[Update] Minor changes.11.25, 18:1624#15Beliar12.05, 08:05, by Insults

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