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[HWM Daily] Bard Contest07.13, 00:2040spartak14208.01, 17:35, by kulala
[2018.07.31] Day of New Hunts07.31, 00:007Empire07.31, 21:03, by Bewear
Event Portal of Time07.19, 10:49459pumpainais07.31, 14:35, by Slust
Hamster07.31, 07:0231Albriech07.31, 13:02, by Fury_Barb
[2018.07.30] Day of Gambling07.30, 00:0027Empire07.30, 22:50, by guyb
[2018.07.29] Day of the Mercenary07.29, 00:0034Empire07.29, 23:52, by Slust
[UPDATE] Pumping/Underdelivery07.26, 11:1915Botmun07.28, 13:32, by pippo4
[2018.07.28] Day of the Commander07.28, 00:003Empire07.28, 08:55, by Expert_BOT
[25.07.2018] The Day of the Watchers07.25, 00:2816Slust07.28, 06:55, by Greyfalcon
[2018.07.27] Day of the Builder07.27, 00:0019Empire07.27, 11:13, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
[2018.07.26] Day of the Adventurer07.26, 00:005Empire07.26, 10:16, by #7490Meshy
Day of the hunt07.24, 00:1419Aurelija07.25, 22:54, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
shop artifacts07.21, 10:5125#1597Issy40407.24, 04:55, by Lord selfist
Day of the clan bonus07.23, 00:182Slust07.23, 08:54, by Bewear
Petrified Blood07.21, 10:357Bewear07.22, 13:38, by Bewear
Day of the safe roads07.22, 00:164Aurelija07.22, 08:38, by #7490Meshy
Ballista and tent in battles07.21, 00:122Wonderla07.21, 11:28, by #7490Meshy
New 4x4 Group Battles07.20, 00:095pumpainais07.21, 05:02, by Princez
How many chests have you had ? And that's the best arts you had from them ?07.19, 01:4713grif07.19, 10:23, by ProZyk
Day of the quick tournaments07.19, 00:0110Aurelija07.19, 08:07, by #9595merlin36
New hunt day07.17, 11:5651#1209latviesu lords07.18, 17:57, by Slust
Day of The Dead07.18, 05:326kulala07.18, 07:49, by Bewear
How many older players are still around?07.07, 23:2693Like_Right_Hand07.17, 23:59, by #9595merlin36
[Event] Smugglers07.04, 08:27197ProZyk07.14, 11:55, by Slust
[HWM Daily] Game updated07.04, 16:428#223007.06, 18:17, by Botmun
English version of Mysterious Epidemic is out!07.05, 08:092Mega Demon07.05, 08:11, by Mega Demon
Three days of bonuses06.30, 05:2029Mega Demon07.04, 06:26, by ProZyk
[HWM Daily] Dictionary Suggestions07.01, 11:0011spartak14207.02, 03:41, by RevolutionRebel
[Event] Freight Delivery06.20, 08:13213chikish06.30, 00:22, by Xhuda
[Update] Changes to faction sets06.29, 11:202#7490Meshy06.29, 12:12, by Slust

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