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[2018.08.22] Day of Hauling08.22, 00:002Empire08.22, 02:51, by PapaBone
[2018.08.21] Day of Vigour08.21, 00:005Empire08.21, 10:48, by Fury_Barb
Enable Aimed shot ability of Crossbowman for Mercenary quest08.20, 10:445TheKnightsss08.20, 16:47, by TheKnightsss
[2018.08.20] Day of New Hunts08.20, 00:009Empire08.20, 08:31, by #7705Prince Vegeta
[2018.08.19] Day of Clan Bonuses08.19, 00:008Empire08.19, 08:28, by grif
Poltergeists' shots theft ability in hunt08.17, 19:3126TheKnightsss08.19, 05:02, by Wonderla
[2018.08.18] More-Bang-for-Buck Day08.18, 00:0010Empire08.18, 12:56, by #7490Meshy
Hunt AI problem with low faction players08.16, 04:3126TheKnightsss08.17, 19:35, by TheKnightsss
[2018.08.17] Day of Leasing08.17, 00:0013Empire08.17, 09:32, by #7705Albriech
[2018.08.16] Day of Knights08.16, 00:002Empire08.16, 10:45, by FredySky
5th Team blindfold tournament plus07.31, 11:03318Wonderla08.15, 23:54, by Slust
[2018.08.15] Day of Teleporting08.15, 00:0033Empire08.15, 10:59, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Unfair Level match in quick battle08.14, 05:187TheKnightsss08.15, 02:26, by TheKnightsss
[2018.08.14] Day of Quick Battles08.14, 00:005Empire08.14, 11:55, by Chiki
Mini Balancing08.14, 05:343#1209barbmaster08.14, 05:37, by kulala
[2018.08.13] Day of Recruiting08.13, 00:0052Empire08.13, 20:22, by #7490Meshy
Difficulty level of facility defenses is extremely high08.07, 14:0662TheKnightsss08.13, 00:19, by Wonderla
[2018.08.12] Day of the Adventurer08.12, 00:0013Empire08.12, 18:24, by grif
[2018.08.11] Day of Watchers08.11, 00:0018Empire08.11, 23:46, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
[2018.08.10] Day of Automation08.10, 00:0018Empire08.10, 18:13, by Chiki
[2018.08.09] Paycheck Day08.09, 00:005Empire08.09, 06:09, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[HWM Daily] Bard contest results08.08, 00:453spartak14208.08, 23:34, by #9595merlin36
[2018.08.08] Day of Duels08.08, 00:0010Empire08.08, 19:46, by #1209latviesu lords
[Update] Talent wheel is HTML!08.07, 12:0615Aurelija08.08, 07:34, by Hello_lwm
[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML5 v507.31, 16:587#17Beliar08.08, 03:31, by #17Beliar
[2018.08.07] Day of the Hunter08.07, 00:0017Empire08.07, 20:33, by SwiftGirl
[2018.08.06] Day of Haste08.06, 00:0044Empire08.06, 17:02, by RevolutionRebel
[2018.08.05] Day of Helpful Hunters08.05, 00:0015Empire08.05, 21:01, by Wonderla
[2018.08.04] Day of Safe Passing08.04, 00:007Empire08.04, 20:52, by #7490Meshy
[2018.08.03] Day of the Tracker08.03, 00:0033Empire08.04, 08:48, by Lord Hallion91

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