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AuthorAncient ritual
**It is joined through the tavern**

What is the true danger of losing a power curse? When the strength of his anger is not enough to simply crush the victim, and the sadness exuded by him is not able to plunge her consciousness into darkness - cunning comes to the rescue, seasoned with a mixture of lies and truth. And only the ability to distinguish between these two faces can save you from collapse, because there are no right decisions - there is only a choice and the final result.

Heroes, rumor has it that wondrous guests from the northern deserts frequented the imperial taverns. They behave calmly, regularly pay for an ale and tell stories about some sacred pilgrimage to the past. The court magician Abu-Bekr asks you to carefully watch them and, if possible, rub in confidence, in order to find out the details of their appearance in the lands of the Empire. But do not forget about vigilance.

Sacred Pilgrim Postulates:
- All Heroes who have reached the 5th combat level are allowed to participate in the pilgrimage to the past;
- battles with sinners of the past are carried out in the 1x1 PvE format;
- portal features require sacrifice and hardship - skills, magic and factional abilities do not work;
- only artifacts from the store are allowed; modifiers do not work;
- The initial composition of the convoy of holy troops is the same for everyone;
- crystals are forgotten, only silver is in price, and the more it is, the more willingly believers will agree to join the column;
- the farther one succeeds in going, the stronger the faith in success will be, and the more numerous the congregation will become;
- The list of believers and their requests is updated every hour;
- the amount of silver received depends on the complexity of the defeated army of sinners;
- at each difficulty level, up to four opponents will be given a choice, each one can be defeated only once;
- Sacred gifts will descend on the one who will bring his flock to the 50th level; the further path is intended only for those who desire repentance, where reinforced enemy armies and modest gifts await them at 51-60 difficulty levels, and only one variant of the enemy army is offered for choice;
- the pilgrimage will last 8 days, until November 14 inclusive;
- on the first day, you can take only 10 first steps through 10 initial difficulty levels, every other day 10 more levels will become available;
- during a pilgrimage it is not forbidden to fight again at already completed difficulty levels and receive silver if the fulfillment of the sacred mission requires it;
- for victory over the armies of sinners you can get points of the Guild of Hunters, points of the Guild of Mercenaries, gold, artifacts of creatures, diamonds, scrolls of summoning, creatures to reserve, parts of creatures to reserve and even parts of Boots of darkness, but no more than once at each difficulty level;
- The top 50 battle clans and all Heroes active in them can deserve special respect and gifts from the priests of the Sun Cult. The quality of gifts is determined on the basis of the final rating of clans, where the final result will be equal to the sum of the maximum won difficulty levels for the clan by all Heroes of the clan;
- Unlocked Heroes of successful battle clans will receive a clan award if they bring the clan from 15 points;
- if the Hero leaves / is excluded from the battle clan, then the clan loses all the points it has accumulated for this clan; upon re-entry, the points will be returned;
- leaving the clan on the last day of the event will be prohibited;
- admission to battle clans during the event is limited to 4 heroes per day;
- for the 30 best Heroes who win the least number of battles before defeating level 50, the priests prepared a symbolic distinctive artifact “Black Dog Figurine” and achievement (a reward for those who win level 50 with the least number of repeated battles on the already completed difficulty levels);
- priests of the Cult of the Sun will additi
- priests of the Cult of the Sun will additionally be gifted with a memorable artifact and the achievement of all who defeat the army of sinners of the 12th level of complexity. The strength of the artifact will depend only on the maximum defeated level of difficulty. There will be no additional rewards not specified in this news.

During the event, you can get up to 45 parts of the Boots of Darkness and even up to 10 parts if your battle clan takes the prize!


bear figure prices gonna DROP in 3 2 1
Clan rewards aren't exciting, but both the black dog figurine and the jackal shield are pretty lit.
Only 10k repair cost for the Jackal-Warrior's shield, that'll clearly become the dominant choice for AG.
What's the figurine like?
bear figure prices gonna DROP in 3 2 1

Does everyone in the same level has the same ennemies or is it randomized?
ah yeah, just saw this

Looks like i gonna keep that figurine
Lol , site broke.
You can see prices of all troops right now.
so in order to win that statue u have to win every lv only once? if i like loose 20 times do i till get the statue 50/70?
That's how it was for the bear figurine last time.
Lol , site broke.

I can't see the sphynx, link looks broken. What is it like?
No idea. I don't think we've seen it before.
We did. We fought it during the last event where we were fighting these guys, using our own armies. It was the final level boss.

You can get an idea on how the sphynx looks like here. Considering that there is a hero, stats can vary. Also that level 1 next to the sphynx name may cause his stats to be increased.

So really is just a big cat statue with high hp and nice damage, but lacks on effects.
for Marquis Thornwald:
Those are the ugliest shields i have seen in this game lol
for virtual_vitrea:
Haha... I guess you are having a crush on great dungeon shield :P
Those are the ugliest shields i have seen in this game lol

Omg , ikr!
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