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Underground caves/Dungeon caves05.02, 17:55245Gaara05.12, 11:08, by cyberclops
Happy Victory Day!05.09, 01:185randomr105.09, 08:20, by #1209latviesu lords
Questions to Maxim (adm)05.05, 14:4119#276Beliar05.09, 00:42, by Platomic I
cheap arts manufactuaries05.04, 04:279techbarb05.08, 18:49, by #1209latviesu lords
[HWM Daily] The history of politics in HWM04.29, 09:226#1790Dorck105.05, 16:59, by #7490Meshy
[News] Villages are Safe !05.02, 08:3417Percy-Jackson05.02, 20:37, by cyberclops
Settlement defence04.25, 08:55155#4201Lord MathProfessor05.02, 17:32, by #4201virtual_vitrea
treasure guards battle04.30, 06:503#1209bp9905.01, 02:10, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
minor pirate pedant04.29, 14:212#1209latviesu lords04.29, 14:23, by #1209latviesu lords
Battle of the Month - March04.23, 11:559#9595merlin3604.25, 19:51, by Cric3z52557
Attack of Pirates - Rewards04.19, 06:5318Heroman04.20, 21:29, by #1209latviesu lords
[News] Attack of Pirates!04.13, 08:1378Percy-Jackson04.19, 06:17, by SuperBacon
Great Knight Battles04.10, 14:1815Greyfalcon04.17, 10:33, by Greyfalcon
Battle Of The Month - March04.13, 02:171#9595merlin3604.13, 02:17, by #9595merlin36
Battle Of The Month - February (voting time!)04.01, 15:4713#9595merlin3604.08, 12:31, by agent_004
Soooo whats the april 1st joke?03.31, 03:0454Aurelija04.03, 08:09, by randomr1
So, did anyone manage to accumulate top enroll "score" during April Fo04.02, 09:372Lord Hallion9104.02, 09:39, by Lord Hallion91
Battle Of The Month - February03.16, 03:1114#9595merlin3603.27, 13:27, by IComeInPeace
Commanders' Guild03.21, 01:1034#276Beliar03.26, 01:53, by Lady sofiouta
[HWM Daily]I’ve gone to the event03.09, 18:487#1790Dorck103.13, 12:45, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
Anniversary events02.21, 01:10241randomr103.12, 10:56, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
Anyone thinks she deserves a womans day gift03.08, 22:424Mathijs03.08, 23:10, by Mathijs
Durability formula of memorial artifact for 10th year03.03, 03:5620SwiftGirl03.07, 18:49, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Treasure Hunt - Results here03.05, 16:1719Heroman03.06, 20:58, by #4201virtual_vitrea
10810 players online. Kudos.03.05, 22:411Heroman03.05, 22:41, by Heroman
free tournaments,bad or good?03.03, 20:506Lady sofiouta03.04, 17:23, by w1Nd riDER
Congratulations!03.01, 00:233Heroman03.02, 23:10, by #2694Qalos
[HWM Daily]What can we put in backpack before fights?02.27, 19:449#1790Dorck102.28, 22:23, by Lord selfist
Battle Of The Month - January (voting time!)02.24, 04:1515#9595merlin3602.28, 20:48, by #9595merlin36
Understanding Game A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence ) a strategy guide ( kinda )02.28, 05:4413ImmortalRegis02.28, 20:13, by guyb

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