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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Link merge on Artifact Set page03.29, 06:365Xhuda03.29, 16:21, by Sven91
Tribal goblins fsp bug03.28, 21:063Lord Hallion9103.29, 13:50, by Lord Hallion91
cant view combat02.24, 09:348#1519slayerofall03.28, 12:00, by guyddguy
No description for Rain of Arrows in Talent Wheel03.21, 08:472Santremus03.21, 12:43, by Sven91
too low damages in survilurgs03.18, 02:232Mr Bonedragon03.18, 02:57, by Sven91
How to calculate the damage of fiends?03.14, 07:2516SunnyDaisy03.16, 20:54, by SunnyDaisy
two towers cards with bets withouth money03.06, 01:543Temeraire03.06, 15:16, by Temeraire
unable to buy production03.03, 13:404#4201xenophon03.03, 14:12, by #4201xenophon
Large Creatures reach03.01, 18:431Lord Hallion9103.01, 18:43, by Lord Hallion91
1st Paired Academy Tournament #2879 - lvl1303.01, 17:101Bimbler03.01, 17:10, by Bimbler
Druids cast lightning spell on gargoyles in Elves vanguards02.26, 22:335Bullwei02.27, 19:29, by vbFifi
Bugs: Wild Cyclops / Forest Brethren02.24, 18:243Sazari02.24, 19:45, by Sven91
I do not appear more hunts02.20, 04:001durix02.20, 04:00, by durix
TG system bug02.19, 13:483KOF Z02.19, 14:39, by #1209Arcanide
bug in battles Tab02.12, 19:234#9595eddy_immanuel02.13, 00:29, by MrBattleControl
Negative EXP01.24, 01:462doominator01.24, 03:13, by MrBattleControl
Spell Power decreases in a battle01.21, 18:395avrelian01.21, 19:27, by Divit
Bug of POT01.20, 17:272K5isback01.20, 23:48, by #1519slayerofall
cant buy resources01.17, 09:366Lady Abby01.18, 21:58, by Divit
load error01.17, 11:212#4201yopiwizard01.17, 15:54, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
Incorrect bid01.14, 08:0913estatico01.16, 06:15, by estatico
Tribal - bug on Protectors abilities01.14, 22:591Derelict01.14, 22:59, by Derelict
Battle not loading :(01.11, 17:3410vicky66601.12, 19:49, by Arch lair
Battle won, lifebar zero?01.12, 10:444Pile_Gp01.12, 12:38, by MrBattleControl
lodestone ability not working01.11, 15:451guyb01.11, 15:45, by guyb
Hack Account06.05, 20:334Jendis01.10, 19:49, by Dark_Elves1
Cannot donte using IDeal12.30, 12:324vbFifi01.09, 19:44, by Worf
can't do Gb after changing my faction01.09, 11:337vicky66601.09, 17:22, by ElfPride
Forum posts01.08, 19:067Lord KD01.08, 21:47, by Lord KD
Arcomage bugged stake gold received01.04, 20:481Santremus01.04, 20:48, by Santremus

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