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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Minor Tourney battle set12.10, 02:442Vengeful Spirit12.12, 09:48, by #7490Majblomma
400 Bad Request12.01, 00:056I_N_S_A_N_E12.02, 15:14, by terminator5
cant reset talent11.19, 23:173#7705Lynch11.20, 00:21, by #7705Lynch
why our server just now error?11.13, 12:103warrior10011.13, 15:59, by ElfPride
racial level hasn't lbeen upgraded11.12, 22:542#7490Lord samlonewolf11.12, 22:57, by #1209Arcanide
Fury barb insight tournament stun problem11.09, 15:162Bheem11.09, 19:19, by #1209barbmaster
Blocked Account05.29, 06:345Sir_Hulkson11.08, 13:39, by ElfPride
fsp and hg points problem in random 2 player hunting11.08, 09:391#4201beggar11.08, 09:39, by #4201beggar
Initiative bar bugs.10.30, 12:414mutomba10.30, 13:36, by comingsoon
PayPal is not working09.17, 11:5963Dionysus10.30, 01:43, by -Loricia-
Problems with gold from tournemant10.29, 23:294Gangbang10.30, 00:05, by Sven91
Need help10.25, 19:034Sir_Hulkson10.25, 19:57, by Sir_Hulkson
Move to The Wilderness10.25, 18:492darkelf8410.25, 19:56, by #1209Edwin
tamed minotaurs don't show10.23, 18:522Gigarex10.23, 19:17, by Sven91
Animation bug10.22, 10:064cargo45610.22, 23:17, by cargo456
Mister cash option?10.20, 02:005#1209Arcanide10.20, 17:07, by #1209Arcanide
Character Avatars not loading.10.13, 08:466-_NO--NAME_-10.14, 08:50, by -_NO--NAME_-
cannot Donate diamons10.03, 15:311vbFifi10.03, 15:31, by vbFifi
Invitiation program doesnt work10.02, 05:361Quarter-Pounder10.02, 05:36, by Quarter-Pounder
Minor bug in help section09.27, 21:581Fallen Atheros09.27, 21:58, by Fallen Atheros
Cursed witches09.27, 13:012asilg09.27, 14:07, by Sven91
Haccked account09.18, 15:592IIDarkManII09.19, 16:40, by IIDarkManII
Blindfold tournament plus BUG08.31, 07:525wowososo09.05, 08:32, by ElfPride
ads and popups09.02, 01:225#4201manufc21999r09.02, 18:05, by #4201manufc21999r
Market, some items are showing blank07.30, 19:024Poison Ivy08.31, 14:21, by Lord Hallion91
Experience table not coming up in battles08.29, 23:032Lord SV2208.30, 02:12, by Sven91
Dragon's Eye out of stock08.29, 23:162Javi08.30, 02:07, by Sven91
Portal of Time. Crystals Available.08.28, 21:371AKA08.28, 21:37, by AKA
Sound is not there08.28, 14:271i was08.28, 14:27, by i was
Lordswm lag??08.28, 14:181GT-R08.28, 14:18, by GT-R

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