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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
I cast Mass Confusion, and my turn just disappears...01.03, 22:391DarknessDoom01.03, 22:39, by DarknessDoom
Forgot Password01.01, 19:361lakshyaismyname01.01, 19:36, by lakshyaismyname
double retaliation bug12.31, 17:172joaodbe01.01, 05:46, by Classic Dyna
What happened to the actuel mixt tounament?12.31, 05:213Boozy_Bosco12.31, 11:55, by drdre23
Vault bug??12.27, 22:573rosadios12.28, 09:54, by ElfPride
vault error12.25, 16:114madelain12.25, 18:15, by madelain
troops recovery in Christmas12.25, 00:503#1209bp9912.25, 00:57, by velniukstis
not getting sphynx event12.24, 22:152pcbm12.24, 23:46, by #4201Corey
Email For Password Recovery Not Come.09.07, 06:5011Lunatix12.13, 14:58, by Lord Hallion91
unable to log in and no email received for recover11.27, 22:231Trifles-v211.27, 22:23, by Trifles-v2
Fired away during tournament11.23, 02:135LITWIN11.26, 09:48, by LITWIN
Portal of Time11.20, 19:502#1209jahadad11.20, 19:52, by #1209jahadad
No Skill Points from Best Charmer Elf11.15, 07:234#387Padparadscha11.15, 08:46, by Usbeorn
damage calculator doesnt include the bonusses11.08, 13:154Sven9111.13, 19:13, by Derelict
Ranger Guild advantage11.13, 18:221Derelict11.13, 18:22, by Derelict
Bug with gated creatures11.08, 11:221Levittoux11.08, 11:22, by Levittoux
"Sylvan Depth" battle stuck -- still hang11.06, 08:333Spat1311.07, 14:33, by AndersonLT
Rune of Exorcism11.01, 16:493#4201_Sworks_11.02, 17:50, by #4201Magier
server time lagging10.31, 21:373#9595hari14311.01, 12:38, by #7490MrBattleControl
Tribals Talents Faction: undefined10.08, 10:502whatAfaction10.08, 22:35, by Lord Hallion91
Mountain Sentries05.02, 17:287#7382Assnfiks09.27, 11:49, by Ajith
I was imposed a penalty of 1k gold09.25, 15:425Knightee09.26, 18:19, by ElfPride
why i dont recive CG points09.06, 20:489Lord Riko1109.25, 01:52, by LORDKUSHU
Double track minor bug.09.20, 11:591Lord Hallion9109.20, 11:59, by Lord Hallion91
Error in market when item price are =1 gold09.15, 17:078LITWIN09.19, 14:16, by K5isback
'About the game' Bug09.04, 19:463Fabz09.04, 19:49, by Naturef
bugged battle09.02, 13:301RevolutionRebel09.02, 13:30, by RevolutionRebel
Mispelling08.02, 19:224sorc_exp08.09, 10:01, by siddi1111
Cannot buy anything06.21, 10:099Naveen2207.30, 16:55, by skilled_padla
Iam done with this game06.28, 19:1723#4201Mihaip07.17, 20:16, by sorc_exp

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