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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Error in display of clan logs06.05, 08:213#4201Corey06.15, 13:20, by #15Beliar
World map06.08, 07:144#7490Feeniksi06.09, 19:53, by Veer_K
error in tavern page05.09, 00:131guyb05.09, 00:13, by guyb
Dead unit roll05.03, 19:061Bheem05.03, 19:06, by Bheem
False ban from chat .Qestion!05.01, 21:263#7490Rorthgar05.02, 11:00, by #7490Rorthgar
Shadow strike: missing description04.30, 19:501#4201Lord MathProfessor04.30, 19:50, by #4201Lord MathProfessor
Changing factions and talents10.30, 17:377Lord Hallion9104.26, 17:22, by dynoco
Primary SP04.01, 06:273Cric3z5255704.01, 12:34, by Cric3z52557
Campaign bug03.29, 10:103Bheem03.30, 11:21, by awesome 1993
battle load error03.24, 12:582#8160lord fallen03.24, 13:20, by #8160lord fallen
Memory of Unholy Necromancers03.24, 01:152velniukstis03.24, 11:04, by #7490Meshy
No Translation from taking damage from Acid Blood03.15, 15:322dcsniper8903.22, 08:23, by Bheem
ranger guild bug03.12, 03:512guyb03.12, 03:53, by guyb
Spelling mistake02.05, 03:303#4201virtual_vitrea03.10, 21:48, by Menetekel
Chinese website link given in help section02.26, 13:362Bheem02.26, 13:37, by Bheem
Combat not loading01.13, 21:485Zhu02.17, 09:00, by PLaY LikE a PRO
Hard to switch to tribal faction01.25, 22:582agent_00401.29, 17:36, by agent_004
Card Game Card Bug01.26, 06:253dcsniper8901.27, 20:19, by guyb
Cant Move in Battle01.20, 20:552RecorderPT01.21, 05:21, by RecorderPT
Game not Loading01.19, 10:184warrior4901.19, 11:01, by warrior49
In-game Mechanics Not Loading01.13, 22:152#9595thaidye1501.13, 22:53, by #9595thaidye15
trouble with troop recruiting after taking out the Rally talent01.03, 19:229#9595bp9901.10, 00:05, by #9595bp99
Vanguard of necromancers and dwarves10.19, 06:232#9595bp9910.19, 21:28, by Fallen Atheros
Login problem after reinstalling firefox10.14, 16:453FireKitty10.17, 10:11, by Ipsen
Shrews wrong colour?10.10, 19:134tjwilliams55510.13, 22:18, by #4201Magier
Map invisible10.04, 22:514#7490Mathijs10.05, 17:43, by #7490Mathijs
is this a bug?10.04, 11:473-Dwarfs10.04, 17:39, by -Dwarfs
Level of monster in MG battle09.01, 04:033ALADRIEL2909.30, 16:08, by velniukstis
Event not starting over long time08.28, 19:487Gaara08.28, 20:33, by WoodBox
Problem with AI players difficulty08.13, 22:443Masterlag08.20, 12:23, by #7490Meshy

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